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Never Break-up a Jigsaw Again!

The Jigthings storage system lets you keep your jigsaws in their assembled state. No need to break-up puzzles after all that hard work putting them together. On our jigstore storage overview page page you can read about how and why people like to store their completed puzzles. Alternatively, carry on reading this page for a brief history of Jigstores and the sizes of puzzle that they hold.


  • A home for 10 jigsaws
  • Keeps puzzles made-up
  • A jigsaw sandwich!
  • 1000 pieces and under
  • All snug and secure!

Jigstore History

At the time that the first products in the Jigthings range were being developed in the late 1900s, Lisa and Colin King were introduced to a wonderful group of people who had got together in 1985 to form an organization known as the BCD - the 'Benevolent Confraternity of Dissectologists' no less! This lively, eccentric group had formed the organization specifically for lovers of jigsaw puzzles. They still flourish today so do please take a look at the BCD website and join them if you have a passion for puzzles.

The BCD are renowned for their hospitable events and enthusiasts travel to various locations throughout the country to 'show and tell' about puzzles, exchange views and ideas and sell puzzles that are surplus to requirements. They mainly concern themselves with hand-cut wooden jigsaws but there are also some dedicated collectors of cardboard puzzles.

At the first BCD event that Lisa and Colin attended they were astonished to find so many puzzle aficionados who retained jigsaw puzzles in their made-up state. Even more amazing was the plethora of different ideas for transporting puzzles around. There were wooden cases, cardboard cases, wooden doors, plastic sheets, plywood sheets, hardboard sheets, puzzles on cardboard sheets enveloped in cling-film and some beautiful tailor-made wooden boxes that must have cost a fortune to build.

It occurred to Lisa and Colin that if so many people had a need to keep puzzles assembled then maybe there was a niche to be explored for manufacturing something that was made for the job but not too expensive.

After two years thought and much discussion it was decided that the best way to store and transport puzzles in an economical way required just 3 elements: firstly a sturdy cardboard box of the right size, secondly flat cardboard sheets with which to make a 'puzzle sandwich' and thirdly easy-fix straps to keep the sandwich together. Jigstore had arrived. Just why it took 2 years to fathom it out is still a mystery to all concerned!

Puzzle Sizes for Jigstore

Jigstores contain up to 10 puzzles each measuring up to 702mm x 510mm (27.5" x 20.5")

To the best of our knowledge all the 'standard' 500 and 1,000 piece puzzles from European manufacturers will fit happily in a Jigstore. However, a few American manufacturers make puzzles that are just a little too large as are a few of the 'shaped' puzzles that are so popular in the U.S.A.

The table below endeavours to clarify which puzzles up to 1,000 pieces from various manufacturers will fit and which will not. You might also find it a useful reference when you need to know the size of cardboard jigsaws for other purposes.


ManufacturerNo. of Pieces Length in mm  Height in mm Fits Jigstore
AA Jigsaws500                  490                  360 Yes
Buffalo Games Inc500                  540                  381 Yes
Buffalo Games Inc1000                  679                  502 Yes
Buffalo Games Inc1026                  686                  508 Yes
Castorland500                  458                  330 Yes
Castorland1000                  680                  470 Yes
Ceaco500                  686                  508 Yes
Celtic/Tailton Puzzles500                  480                  365 Yes
Celtic/Tailton Puzzles1000                  667                  489 Yes
Citadel Puzzles500                  510                  350 Yes
Citadel Puzzles1000                  685                  490 Yes
Clementoni Jigsaws500                  485                  335 Yes
Clementoni Jigsaws1000                  678                  478 Yes
Cobble Hill500                  610                  457 Yes
Cobble Hill1000                  667                  489 Yes
Crown and Andrews Pty Ltd500                  483                  330 Yes
Editions Ricordi Arte500                  500                  400 Yes
Educa Jigsaws500                  458                  330 Yes
Educa Jigsaws1000                  686                  490 Yes
Falcon/Jumbo Puzzles500                  508                  356 Yes
Falcon/Jumbo Puzzles1000                  681                  490 Yes
FX Schmid500                  610                  457 Yes
Geopuzzles500                  483                  406 Yes
Gibsons Games250                  483                  356 Yes
Gibsons Games500                  440                  305 Yes
Gibsons Games1000                  685                  490 Yes
Great American Puzzle Factory500                  610                  457 Yes
Great American Puzzle Factory1000                  678                  490 Yes
Hasbro500                  508                  356 Yes
Heye Puzzles529                  384                  384 Yes
Heye Puzzles1000                  681                  480 Yes
House of Puzzles500                  483                  343 Yes
House of Puzzles1000                  686                  483 Yes
James Hamilton/Grovely500                  480                  350 Yes
JR Puzzles500                  480                  350 Yes
JR Puzzles1000                  691                  480 Yes
King International Puzzles500                  680                  480 Yes
King International Puzzles1000                  671                  480 Yes
Masterpieces500                  483                  330 Yes
Masterpieces1000                  679                  489 Yes
Otter House1000                  685                  490 Yes
Photomosaic500                  616                  381 Yes
Photomosaic1000                  679                  502 Yes
Piatnik500                  480                  360 Yes
Piatnik1000                  675                  441 Yes
Pomegranate500                  610                  460 Yes
Ravensburger Jigsaws500                  483                  356 Yes
Schmidt500                  475                  320 Yes
Schmidt1000                  693                  495 Yes
Serendipity500                  457                  305 Yes
Serendipity1000                  686                  508 Yes
Springbok500                  597                  457 Yes
SunsOut Puzzles500                  483                  330 Yes
SunsOut Puzzles1000                  686                  508 Yes
Susan Prescot500                  490                  490 Yes
Susan Prescot1000                  685                  490 Yes
Trefl500                  480                  340 Yes
Trefl1000                  681                  480 Yes
Wasgij500                  490                  350 Yes
Wasgij1000                  680                  490 Yes
White Mountain Puzzles550                  610                  457 Yes

AA Jigsaws1000                  754                  480 No
Ceaco1000                  690                  510 No
Crown and Andrews Pty Ltd748                  830                  310 No
Editions Ricordi Arte1000                  700                  500 No
Hasbro1000                  667                  514 No
James Hamilton/Grovely1000                  719                  508 No
Pomegranate1000                  737                  508 No
Ravensburger Jigsaws1000                  701                  500 No
Springbok1000                  762                  610 No
SunsOut Puzzles1000                  660                  660 No
White Mountain Puzzles1000                  760                  610 No

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