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Jigsaw Tables - Luxury for Puzzle Enthusiasts

These jigsaw puzzle tables are designed especially to make it more comfortable to do puzzles. When in use the tables pull close to you and adjust to provide the perfect angle at which to work; when not in use they take up minimum space. Continue reading to see how to use the tables for jigsaw making or visit our Jigsaw Puzzle Table page  to see their many other uses.

Puzzle Tables and Jigboards

Please note that our puzzle tables need to be used in conjunction with a Jigboard. You will need to purchase either a Jigboard or a Jigsort on which to construct your jigsaws and we suggest you use the 500,1000,1500 and 2000 size.


We are often asked why we don't make the tables larger and so avoid the need for a Jigboard/Jigsort. There are 3 main reasons as follows:

  1. Buying the board separately enables you to choose your favourite size - there is no point in buying one larger than you require.
  2. The Jigboard can easily be moved off the table to allow the table to be used for other purposes. Many of our customers simply lift up the Jigboard and put it on a chair or other table when they need the puzzle table for eating, reading, writing etc.
  3. When the table is not in use (and you are not in the process of making-up a jigsaw puzzle) you can remove the Jigboard and the table is then much more compact and easier to manage in smaller sized rooms.


The Most Relaxing Position for Puzzling

The most usual way of making-up a jigsaw puzzle is to lean over a flat table. That's fine for the young and it's not too uncomfortable for many elderly people for short periods but the problem is you don't have any back support - evolution has not yet equipped us to be bent double over a puzzle on a table. After a little while the back muscles begin to feel the strain with the result that you have to take an enforced break.

Now, imagine the puzzle coming to you instead of you going to the puzzle. You sit comfortably in your favourite chair with your back fully supported and the puzzle laid out in front of you so that you can reach all of it without any muscle tension. The working surface is tilted at an angle (like an artist's easel) so that you can reach the top corners without any strain. That is the perfect position for puzzling and it's exactly what you get with our jigsaw puzzle table.

Fully Adjustable

In order to achieve the most relaxed working position you first need to make sure that the table will span the arms of the chair you are intending to use - all the dimensions can be found on the Jigsaw Puzzle Table page.

The height of the table is easily adjusted to fit just over the top of your knees and this height will always remain the same regardless of what purpose the table is being used for. There are two simple devices on the legs of the table to quickly change the height.

By turning a knob beneath the table you can effortlessly slope the surface towards you for jigsaw puzzling, reading and writing or you can make it flat for eating meals.

A jigsaw table ensures that puzzle making has never been more comfortable or more relaxing.

Download the Jigthings Leaflet

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