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The Best Way to Store Completed Jigsaws

Jigstores prevent the need to break-up your assembled jigsaws puzzles. Up to 10 puzzles can be stored in our sturdy box containing a 'jigsaw sandwich'. You can read a little about the development of Jigstores and the sizes of puzzles they will hold at our Jigstore 1000 page. On the page you are now on you can read about why and how you might want to store jigsaws.


Why should I Store Completed Jigsaw Puzzles?

After spending hours or possibly days completing a jigsaw puzzle it's always a little heart-wrenching to break it up again - we all know that feeling of 'I'll just leave it on the table for one more day'. If you own a Jigstore then you will never again be in that position because the puzzle can be safely put away without any fear of undoing your work. Here are a few other benefits that you may not have thought about.

Most jigsaw enthusiasts have a constant nagging fear that they will lose a piece. When a puzzle is broken up and in its box, you are never quite sure whether a piece has gone missing. All of us who have bought a jigsaw from a charity shop know just how easy it was for the previous owner to lose pieces! There is no possible way of telling whether or not a puzzle is complete unless it is in its assembled state and with a Jigstore you can instantly check that not a single piece is missing from the made-up puzzles.

As a quick aside: a new 1,000 piece puzzle is seldom if ever exactly 1,000 pieces - the way they are manufactured normally results in a 1,000 piece puzzle being more than that and counting the number of pieces in a box is no indication that all the pieces are present and correct. To make matters worse, a customer recently told us that she visited a shop where second-hand puzzles were sold. In their spare time the shop assistants counted the number of pieces in each box and when it was less than 1,000 they had a 'make-up box' that was used to build the quantity to 1,000 in all the other boxes so that they could guarantee 1,000 pieces and not fall foul of the trades description act!

Some very early puzzles have sold for thousands of £'s and even fairly recent 'limited edition' cardboard jigsaws have sold for hundreds of £'s so there is good reason to store puzzles safely. Here though is a word of caution regarding puzzle values; even when your puzzle is safely put away in a Jigstore you should also keep the box that it came in. A puzzle with even one lost piece can cut the value of it in half and a puzzle without its original box is equally diminished in value.

Do you ever pass on puzzles to be re-made by a friend? If you do then how do you convince them that all the pieces are present and correct? Enthusiasts find that the easiest way to do this is to take the puzzle from its Jigstore, show the friend the perfect puzzle, and then break it up for them to take away.

Do you own a Jigframe? If you do then you will know that it is great fun to display the fruits of your labours in this picture frame lookalike. Owning a Jigstore allows you to rotate the puzzles that you have on display - at any one time there will be one in the Jigframe and the rest snug and secure in the Jigstore.

One last thing you might like to consider is that it is enjoyable to catalogue your collection of puzzles and look through them now and again. If you decide to do this then it's a good idea to put a post-it on each puzzle that reminds you when it was made-up. Also a note about anyone that helped you will not go amiss - you might be amazed how nostalgic it will be to look back on in years to come.

How do I use Jigstore?

Each Jigstore comes complete with 10 rigid boards. When a puzzle is completed it is transferred to one of the boards for storage. Another board (holding a completed puzzle) can then be laid on top of the first one and in this way a 'multi-layer sandwich' is created of jigsaws and boards. The 'sandwich' is completed by putting a spare board on top of the last jigsaw and securing the whole together with the bands provided. Each puzzle is kept safe within the store but each one can be taken out at any time and moved around independent of the others.

Because Jigstore allows you to store and preserve your jigsaws in their made-up state it will transform them from boxes on a shelf to treasured collectibles. Jigsaws can be taken out of the store, transported, swapped, sorted, displayed and classified in any number of ways. A jigsaw store makes a great talking point as well as a wonderful family heirloom for your children and grandchildren.

When you finally put the lid on a full Jigstore you know that your 10 complete jigsaw puzzles will be kept perfectly safe until you require them again.

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