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At Last - Organization for Loose Jigsaw Pieces!

Jigsafes are a set of boxes that both stack and nest together. They are specifically designed so that the loose pieces for a jigsaw puzzle are always kept neat and organised. Read on to find out how to use Jigsafes or visit the Jigsafe page to learn how other people do puzzles.

Why Jigsafe?

Most jigsaw enthusiasts like the idea of creating order from chaos - there is nothing more chaotic than a box of unassembled jigsaw puzzle pieces and nothing more ordered than a completed puzzle. Jigsafe was designed to help those who like to organise their chaos!

The boxes in which you buy your puzzles cannot display all the pieces the right way up, and without seeing them all the right way up it is extremely difficult to assemble them. Jigsafe comes to the rescue by providing a set of seven boxes that nest inside each other. Each individual box will hold over 120 pieces the right way up and the entire set enables you to organise up to 1,000 pieces.

During the time that you are working on a puzzle the boxes can easily be stacked so that you can pick up one at a time and search for the piece(s) you are looking for. When you come to stop puzzling, the Jigsafe boxes simply nest back inside each other retaining all the pieces the right way up, ready for immediate use next time. Pop the lid on your Jigsafe and you know that everything will be kept neat, safe and tidy until you next require it.

A further advantage of having 7 boxes to work with is the fact that the pieces can be sorted into groups of the same colour or shape. You can even construct parts of the puzzle actually inside the boxes because each one comes complete with a removable liner that makes it easy to move around completed sections as well as non-assembled pieces. These removable liners are so important that they deserve a little more attention...

Ordinarily a section of jigsaw that is made-up away from the main construction area needs to be laboriously moved one or two pieces at a time - we have all had experience of the disasters that occur when trying to move several pieces joined together! With Jigsafe you simply remove the liner from its box and slide the completed section onto the main board.

Also consider this: as you are gradually completing a puzzle you have less and less loose pieces to contend with and you probably don't want them scattered about through 7 different boxes - it is often easier to gradually consolidate the pieces into fewer boxes by slipping the pieces from the removable liners into other boxes.

If you do puzzles larger than 1,000 pieces then you can add on extra Jigsafes to accommodate even the very largest of them. Devotees of jigsaw puzzles can even have more than one puzzle under construction at any one time simply by using different Jigsafes to contain different puzzles.

The system isn't rocket science but a surprising number of our customers have told us that 'Jigsafes are the best thing that ever happened to jigsaw puzzles'! Others tell us that the combination of a Jigboard and a Jigsafe has transformed the way they manage jigsaws in their home.

Download the Jigthings Leaflet

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