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The Amazon network is exceptional when it comes to supply and delivery - so much so that it means we cannot deliver our products to you as quickly as they can.

As we want only the best experience for our customers we therefore recommend that you purchase directly from the Amazon site. You can be sure that you will receive exactly the same product but it will arrive much faster and delivery will be free.

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  • The ultimate luxury!
  • Sit back and relax
  • Adjustable for comfort
  • Like an artist's easel
  • Use for other purposes

Small Table – Perfect for Puzzles and Hobbies

Our compact table is made to pull over the arms of a chair - you might hear this type of small table referred to as 'over chair tables'.  The tables are perfect for use with jigsaw puzzles and you can read why they are ideally suited to this on our jigsaw tables overview page. Most of our customers use the tables for other things as well as puzzling (indeed some of our customers never do jigsaw puzzles!) so we thought it might be a good idea to explain why they are so adaptable.

Small Tables that are Truly Multi-Function

It seems that we never have enough space to accommodate everything we want in our homes - that's why attics and garages get so full! And very few of us have the luxury of devoting furniture solely to the purpose of doing jigsaw puzzles. For these reasons our Jigthings tables need to be adaptable for many different jobs.

For reading, writing, sewing, eating meals etc. you only need a small area and our tables fit the bill. The great advantage of having a small table is that it takes little space when it is not being used. The four castors on the base of the table mean that it can be quickly pushed into a corner out of the way.

When used for puzzling the table will almost certainly be used in conjunction with a Jigboard and the table surface will be angled so as to make it easy to reach all four corners. If the board is left on the table and 'lowered' to the horizontal then it is perfect for many types of crafts and pastimes as well as card and dice games. Often this is the only way that elderly people can get involved with games with their grandchildren.

When a puzzle is on the board the whole jigsaw can be quickly lifted off and laid on furniture elsewhere so that the table can be used for other things.

Don't run away with the idea that an over-chair table is just for the oldies in the family. Once everyone sees how comfortable it is you can expect fights over whose turn it is to use it next!

Table Dimensions

To help you determine whether our small tables are suited to your needs you might like to consider the following details:

The height of the table top is adjustable between 70cm and 84cm

The table can span an armchair up to 74cm wide

The size of the table top is 79cm x 56cm

The base of the table occupies an area that is 80cm x 60cm

The table comes complete with a  rail that makes sure that nothing slips off when using the table in the horizontal position.

Don't Forget!

If you are intending to use the table for jigsaw puzzles then you will need to buy either a Jigboard or a Jigsort to go with it. Please see the explanation for this on the page at our jigsaw tables overview page.

Download the Jigthings Leaflet

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