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Jigsaw Puzzle Information

Many people sail through life thinking that all jigsaw puzzles are the same apart from the picture - they are all made the same way from the same material and with the same objectives in mind aren't they?  Well no, as a matter of fact they are not.

Did you know that jigsaw puzzles were invented by an Englishman about 250 years ago and that they are now the most popular table game on the planet? Did you know that there are modern-day manufacturers who make unique jigsaw puzzles that are sold for thousands of dollars each? Or did you know that you can buy jigsaw puzzles containing over 20,000 pieces? No, we thought not - so we have written these information pages to give you an insight into the world of jigsaw puzzles in hopes that you will find it as fascinating as we do. Click on the links to delve a little deeper.

History of Jigsaw Puzzles

Here you can see the history of jigsaw puzzles traced back to the late 1700's when an Englishman by the name of John Spilsbury first created what was known as a 'Dissected map.


Manufacturing Jigsaws

If you have ever wondered about the processes required to get the jigsaw puzzle into the box that you eventually buy then this is the place to find out about them.


Types of Jigsaw Puzzle

There are old and new jigsaws, wooden and cardboard jigsaws, hand-cut and machine-cut jigsaws, educational and 3D jigsaws. Learn more here.


Cutting Styles of Manufacturers

All manufacturers have their own individual cutting style and the illustrations at this page show just how diverse they are.


Choosing Jigsaw Puzzles

Offers some suggestions about various things you might like to consider to ensure that the jigsaw you choose is just what you want.


Places to Buy Puzzles

Should you buy from shops or the Internet, from market stalls or specialist suppliers? These notes will give you some pointers in the right direction.


Fascinating Facts about Jigsaws

Learn about the smallest, the largest and the most expensive jigsaws and at the same time find out the technical term for a jigsaw-doer!


Jigsaw Puzzle FAQ

Want to know what a "Whimsy" is or whether there is a national jigsaw club? We have the answers for you.


Jigsaw Puzzle Gift Ideas

Puzzles and puzzle accessories make wonderfully thoughtful gifts. Find ideas for Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays and retirement.


If you would like information on any aspects of jigsaw puzzles that we have not covered on these pages then please do let us know and we will try our best to develop an area to explain it.

Happy jigsawing!

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