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Enjoy Jigsaw Puzzles More with a Jigsort

You may think that a jigsaw case is a jigsaw case but in the world of jigsawing things are not quite as simple as that!

For a start the word 'puzzle' and the word 'jigsaw' are used interchangeably by people to refer to a jigsaw puzzle; a 'case' can equally be called a 'holder' or 'carrier'. You will therefore hear talk of jigsaw carriers/holders/cases and puzzle carriers/holders/cases. Some people call them puzzle/jigsaw organisers. And if that were not enough, many puzzle enthusiasts refer to brand names such as Portapuzzle, Jigsort, Puzzle Caddy etc.


Portapuzzles have been around since 1993. Jigsort arrived on the scene in the year 2000 and Puzzle Caddy about 5 years after that.

All these products are designed to make it easy to pack away part-completed puzzles. Probably the most important difference is that Portapuzzle and Puzzle Caddy use the interior of the case on which to build the puzzle whilst Jigsort has a removable board. To understand the significance of this and the other features that set Jigsort apart read on.

Detachable Board

Each Jigsort comes complete with a board that removes from the case. This makes it so much easier to handle the puzzle and to move it around without the hassle of cases, lids, flaps and fastenings to bother about. One minute you can place it on a coffee table in the lounge, the next the kitchen table and then, weather permitting, out on the patio.

The board itself is absolutely rigid and has a raised edge that prevents pieces falling off and getting lost. The solid construction of the board provides the ideal surface on which to move pieces around and fit them together. Once you have worked on this type of solid surface you will never again want to work on the spongy surfaces of other types of puzzle carrier!

Each board is covered in a specially developed baize-like material that is delightfully soft to the touch and at the same time prevents pieces slipping around. The fact that the entire board (including the under-surface) is covered in the same material means that is safe to use on even the most highly polished surfaces.

Inner Sort Trays

A Jigsort comes complete with Sort Trays - there are 2 trays in the Jigsort 500 and 4 trays in each of the Jigsort 1000 and the Jigsort 1500.

The main purpose of these trays is to keep non-assembled pieces neat and tidy whilst they are looking for their home on the main board! Many puzzle enthusiasts also use the Sort Trays for constructing small sections of puzzle which can later be slipped off into the developing puzzle.

The inside of each tray is covered in the same soft baize material as is found on the Detachable Board and therefore they are equally pleasant to work with. The trays each have their own lid that protects the pieces and keeps them in place during storage.

When you come to pack-away the jigsaw, you simply put the lids on the Sort Trays, fit the Sort Trays onto the Detachable Board and zip up the whole assembly in the outer case.

Outer Carrying Case

Jigsort has the most elegant and sophisticated outer case of all jigsaw carriers on the market. But it's more than just good looking.

The case is made of rigid polypropylene (as distinct from the fabric covering found on many competing products) to ensure that it is durable enough to protect your puzzles for a lifetime. The handle is stitched into the case (not glued or riveted) and the fastening is a zip (not Velcro).

Jigsort Sizes - 500, 1000 and 1500

It is important to make sure you choose the right size of Jigsort for your needs. The larger sizes will accommodate a larger range of puzzles but at the same time they are heavier to move around. You can click on the links above to be taken to the pages that give information about specific sizes but here is a quick rundown:

Jigsort 500: Jigsaw case for 500 pieces: For most jigsaws up to 500 pieces - 520mm x 395mm (20.5' x 15.5')

Jigsort 1000: Jigsaw case for 1000 pieces: For most jigsaws up to 1000 pieces - 750mm x 520mm (29.5' x 20.5')

Jigsort 1500: Jigsaw case for 1500 pieces: For most jigsaws up to 1500 pieces - 905mm x 655mm (36' x 26')

The smallest carrier is the Jigsort 500 and its size and light weight makes it ideal for both children and very elderly puzzlers. Almost all 500 piece puzzles that are found on sale in the UK can be fitted into it. Two American manufacturers (Great American and SunsOut) make 500 piece jigsaws that are a little too large to fit but they are seldom encountered in the UK.

The Jigsort 1000 is by far our best seller, probably because there are more jigsaws manufactured in the 1000 size than all the other sizes put together. One Thousand piece puzzles from Castorland, Educa, Falcon, Gibsons, House of Puzzles, Masterpieces, Piatnik and Ravensburger all fit comfortably in the Jigsort 1000. However, you need to be aware that in America some of the manufactures, (notably Springbok, SunsOut and White Mountain) all make some 1000 piece puzzles that are too large to fit. If these manufacturers feature amongst your favourites then you might be well advised to go for the next size up - the Jigsort 1500.

The good thing about the Jigsort 1500 is that it is large enough to accommodate the vast majority of puzzles that you will come across. There are still a few 'Shaped' and 'Panoramic' jigsaws that are too big but hey, we have to draw a line somewhere! The downside of the 1500 is that it is relatively heavy (about 9 kilos or 20lbs) so think twice before buying one for your 90 year old mother!

Choosing the Right Product for your Needs

There is no doubting the fact that Jigsort is the Rolls Royce product but it is also the most expensive of the range of jigsaw cases/holders/carriers on the market. You could buy a Portapuzzle or a Puzzle Caddy for less but will it be suitable? Here is a quick checklist of the attributes of Jigsort that you might like to compare with other products:

  1. A rigid board that can be taken out of the outer case for easy moving around.
  2. A solid surface to work on that is covered with a lovely baize-like fabric.
  3. A raised edge around the construction surface so that pieces don't fall off.
  4. No sharp edges or handles to damage polished furniture.
  5. Separate 'Sort Trays' covered with the same baize-like material.
  6. Outer case made of durable polypropylene.
  7. An unbreakable carrying handle stitched into the outer case.
  8. A zip fastening to ensure that pieces are never lost during storage.
  9. Elegance, style and sophistication that make it a treasured possession.

The cornerstone of the Jigthings business is the Jigsort and we're proud of it!

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