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Jigsaw Boards that are a Joy to Work With

We are often asked about the advantages of investing in a jigsaw puzzle board and we believe there are three main benefits as follows:

Firstly, it keeps all the loose pieces together and helps to ensure that none get lost. If you have ever come to the end of a 1,000 piece puzzle only to find that your particular puzzle is actually 999 pieces then you will need no further advice on the need for puzzle piece 'safety'!

Secondly, you need to avoid at all costs the need to break-up a part completed puzzle because the table is required for something else - few of us have the luxury of a table that can be devoted solely to puzzling. Provided your jigsaw is on a board it can easily be taken off the table and rested on the arms of a chair, on a bed or even on the floor until it is required again.

Thirdly, the sheer pleasure of not being tied to one place to complete your puzzle. With a portable jigsaw board you can easily move from a large dining table to a tiny coffee table, you can flit from one room to another and, on a warm summer day, what could be more enjoyable than taking the jigsaw and sitting in the garden?



Jigboard - Designed to Delight

Jigboard has been designed BY lovers of jigsaws FOR lovers of jigsaws. We believe that if you are intending to sit over a jigsaw for endless hours during the course of many years then the board should be more than functional, it needs to be a delight to use.

The solid inner board is completely hidden by a soft baize-like covering and this creates the perfect surface on which to make a jigsaw - rigid, but at the same time soft to the touch. The unbending nature of Jigboards means that it is possible to place them on tables much smaller than the boards themselves and thereby do large jigsaws on small tables.

Our jigsaw boards are completely enveloped (top and bottom) in the baize material and therefore you never need worry about damaging shiny surfaces that they are laid upon. To enhance the overall puzzling experience the raised edge around the boards ensures that you will never accidentally knock pieces onto the floor.


Uses Other than for Jigsaw Puzzles

How many times during a game of Monopoly do you end up picking up the dice from the floor? By using a Jigboard with its raised edge you will find that dice, counters and cards are always kept firmly in their place! The standard Monopoly and Cluedo boards are 20 inches square and fit neatly inside a Jigboard 1000.

As well as protecting the surfaces of your precious furniture you will find that it is much more pleasant to pick up the various elements of board games from a Jigboard than it is from a hard surface. To prove the point, we once had an order for 20 large puzzle boards that were destined for a Casino!

And another thing: Cluedo, Monopoly, Tiddlywinks, Snakes and Ladders etc. almost always come with a board that folds in half and is almost impossible to move mid-way through a game. If you put these types of game board on top of a Jigboard you will have no problem moving the game to another position when mum wants the table for dinner!


The Problems with Jigsaw Rolls and Mats!

For a few years these types of 'puzzle roll-ups' were quite popular, indeed they were possibly more often bought than boards. However, we have to confess we have always had reservations about puzzle mats, jigsaw rolls, Jigrolls and their many derivatives. We used to sell a special type of mat with the trade name 'Jigmat' but we have discontinued this and we now opt to sell none of this category of jigsaw puzzle accessory. You deserve an explanation so here goes.

There are just too many problems associated with Puzzle mats!

For starters they take up an enormous amount of space and the whole mat needs to be laid on a flat surface. This is fine if you want to do a puzzle on the floor but how many of us want to do that? Contrast this with a jigsaw board that can be picked up and placed anywhere on anything solid.

The better quality puzzle mats roll out fairly flat but there are always a few little undulations. Doing a jigsaw on a low quality mat was once described as being akin to making a jigsaw on a crumpled, potato sack! We have never found any type of roll or mat that provides a working surface that comes close to the tactile feel of a Jigboard.

Pieces tend to slip off the edge of a jigsaw mat throughout the construction process - there is no raised edge to prevent them falling off and getting lost. When you roll up your puzzle the problem is compounded and individual pieces near the edge of the mat face a perilous journey constantly hovering between life and death!

If a mat is rolled up too tightly you are likely to find that individual tabs of the pieces get damaged especially if a number of pieces have 'bunched together'. On the other hand, rolling the puzzle mat too loosely will result in indiscriminate scattering of your carefully assembled puzzle.

The saving grace of jigsaw rolls and mats is that they are cheap. They probably deserve a place in a child's toy box if a few inexpensive puzzles are to be made but be it on your own head to entrust a treasured adult jigsaw to them.

Sizes of Jigboard

Jigboard 500: Jigsaw board for 500 pieces: For most jigsaws up to 500 pieces - 520mm x 395mm (20.5" x 15.5")

Jigboard 1000: Jigsaw board for 1000 pieces: For most jigsaws up to 1000 pieces - 750mm x 520mm (29.5" x 20.5")

Jigboard 1500: Jigsaw board for 1500 pieces: For most jigsaws up to 1500 pieces - 905mm x 655mm (36" x 26")

Jigboard 2000: Jigsaw board for 2000 pieces: For most jigsaws up to 2000 pieces - 1046mm x 741mm (40" x 28")

If you want to know whether the puzzles from your favourite manufacturer(s) fit on a given board then please see the tables on each of our product pages.

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