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Jigsaw Frames Made from Real Wood

These jigsaw frames are made from real wood and when hanging on a wall they look like quality picture frames. The difference is that Jigframes are designed specifically for framing jigsaws and they contain an ingenious secret drawer on which the puzzle is displayed. Why not hop over to our main jigsaw frames overview page to lean all about the way they work? A few further ideas are given below to whet your appetite for jigsaw puzzle framing!


  • Trouble free framing
  • Beautiful real wood
  • No glue required
  • Easy to change puzzles
  • Hangs like a picture

Puzzle Frame Colours and Styles

We know that everyone has different ideas about home décor and it won't surprise you to learn that this has always been the case. Try doing a Google search on 'oil painting frames' and you will see that great artists throughout the ages have had an incredibly diverse range of ideas about the perfect frame. Some artists liked light frames and some liked dark frames; some liked broad frames and some liked narrow frames; some liked absolutely plain frames so as not to detract from the painting whilst others liked frames that were so intricately carved that they were works of art in themselves.

Throughout all these ideas the one thread of consistency is that they are all made of wood. We figured that all these artistic masters couldn't be wrong so we copied them and make all Jigframes out of wood!

Unfortunately we cannot provide Jigframes in a myriad different colours and styles - our warehouse simply isn't big enough. Therefore we have elected to produce our jigsaw frames in just one style that is both stylish and unobtrusive. For colours we have quality wood that is stained in two different shades - 'dark' and 'light' so that they suit  the taste of most people.

Use Either Landscape or Portrait

The great majority of jigsaw puzzles are in landscape format i.e. they are longer than they are high. However, some puzzles just have to be portrait format - individual people for instance need to be portrait and this is where the 'portrait' classification originates. The Mona Lisa painted in landscape format just wouldn't have worked!

All Jigframes come with attachments on the back that allow the hanging cord to be attached to display a puzzle either landscape or portrait so have no fear, your jigsaw puzzle frame will be equally suitable for jigsaws of both formats.

Puzzles for All Occasions

We would be pleased to sell you a jigsaw frame for each and every puzzle you complete but this is not the way that most people choose to use Jigframes. What most people do is to ring the changes with different puzzles in the same frame. Indeed, one puzzle frame is capable of displaying all the jigsaws you will ever do albeit for possibly just a short time for each one.

This is a familiar scenario: A person buys a puzzle, completes it, buys a frame and hangs it on the wall. Now addicted to the idea of jigsaw puzzles they buy another one and complete it. Instead of buying another puzzle frame they take down the original one and replace the 'old' puzzle with their 'new' puzzle. Thus, their puzzle frame frequently changes and adds to the variety of life. With Jigframes it really is as easy as that.

Jigsaws that fit our Puzzle Frame

The table below shows the puzzles from various manufacturers who make jigsaws to fit this 500 size frame.



AA Jigsaws50019.2914.17490360
Clementoni Jigsaws50019.0913.19485335
Crown and Andrews Pty Ltd50019.0212.99483330
Gibsons Games25019.0214.02483356
House of Puzzles50019.0213.50483343
James Hamilton/Grovely50018.9013.78480350
JR Puzzles50018.9013.78480350
Ravensburger Jigsaws50019.0214.02483356
SunsOut Puzzles50019.0013.00483330

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