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Jigsaw Frames that are Easy to Use

Jigframes are high quality jigsaw frames made from real wood and this size is suitable for puzzles of 500 pieces from several different manufacturers. You can see pictures of them and a video of how they work on our jigsaw frames overview page and you can see the full range of frames on the same page. In the meantime  you might like to know why we have designed Jigframes the way we have...


  • Trouble free framing
  • Beautiful real wood
  • No glue required
  • Easy to change puzzles
  • Hangs like a picture

Designing a Jigsaw Frame

We believe there are three fundamental requirements of a puzzle frame as follows:

  1. They should look great when they have been 'loaded' with a jigsaw and are hanging on a wall
  2. They should be easy to use
  3. They should provide lasting protection for the puzzle

Let's take a look at each of those elements in turn from a design point of view.

The whole point of a puzzle frame is that it provides something that is aesthetically pleasing to you and is something that makes you happy to have displayed in your home. If, as will probably be the case, it provides an interesting talking point for your family and friends then so much the better. All of which means that it must LOOK GOOD!

To look good your jigsaw puzzle frame must have that made-to-measure feel. If the puzzle fit is anything less than perfect you run the risk of it looking amateurish. The Jigframe is made in such a way that a range of puzzles of slightly varying sizes can all be faultlessly accommodated because of an ingenious feature that you can read about under 'Sizes of Puzzles in Jigsaw Frames' at Jigframe Light 1000 Medium page

We make Jigframes from wood simply because it is the material of choice for the great majority of quality picture frames. Can you imagine a Constable landscape being framed in aluminium or a Rembrandt portrait sitting in a plastic frame? No, if it is to be quality then it has to be wood.

Moving on to ease of use: if you were going to frame only one jigsaw puzzle in your lifetime then it might be argued that you wouldn't mind taking an hour or two to do the job. We don't see it that way because we believe one of the great joys of owning a jigsaw frame is to frequently change the puzzle in it. A Jigframe is so easy to use that you will probably want to change the puzzle in it as often as you complete a new jigsaw.

It might seem that 'protection' is not a high priority for a jigsaw puzzle - after all it only costs a few pounds for even a very high quality puzzle. But what we regard as protection for a jigsaw is keeping all the pieces safely together! Re-doing any job is always a chore and jigsaw puzzles are no exception so the frame you choose has got to categorically guarantee that the assembled pieces won't get unassembled - Jigframe does exactly that.

Jigsaw Puzzles for this Size of Frame

You can see a list of puzzles that fit this size of frame on the Jigframe Light 500 Small page - in each size we have both dark and light coloured wood.

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