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Easy Jigsaw Puzzle Framing

This is the Jigthings solution to framing a jigsaw puzzle easily and quickly. No glue, no pins, no tiny pieces and no danger of the puzzle getting dropped or damaged. For the first time puzzle framing isn't a hassle. You can read all about the advantages of using Jigframes at the jigsaw frames overview page but here is a short history of their development that you might find interesting.


  • Trouble free framing
  • Beautiful real wood
  • No glue required
  • Easy to change puzzles
  • Hangs like a picture

Jigframe - History of its Development

Our jigsaw frames were developed in 2006 and they followed the successful launch of the other Jigthings products - Jigboard, Jigsort, Jigsafe and Jigstore. The early puzzle accessories were all designed to help with 'jigsaw management' in the home and the main function of these was to ensure that all the puzzle pieces were kept neat and tidy whilst the puzzle was being made-up.

The development of the early products brought us into contact with many jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts and they told us that it always seemed a pity to break-up a jigsaw as soon as it was finished. The dedicated jigsaw-doers told us that they needed an easy way to display a completed puzzle but without the hassle of the other products on the market. We bought one of each of the jigsaw puzzle frames that we could find and we soon found out what they meant...

It seemed that framing a puzzle involved at least 3 pairs of hands working in unison. As soon as any one of the 6 hands got out of Sync. the result was a sorry looking pile of puzzle pieces on the floor!

Colin (one of the founder members of Jigthings) remembered a device that had been used in his junior school 40 years earlier. The device was a wooden frame that had a drawer in the back and accommodated paper of a set size. The idea was that each child in the class painted a picture on paper of the correct size and laid them on the drawer. When the drawer was slid back into the frame the picture that was on top was displayed for all to see. The pictures could be rotated easily and quickly so that every child got his turn 'at the front'.

Because the idea worked so well 40 years earlier, Colin thought it would be easy enough to track down a modern version of the idea and adapt it for puzzle frames. Unfortunately though, any amount of Google searches resulted in no meaningful results, mainly because it was difficult to pin down a name for the device - searches on 'picture frame displaying more than one picture', 'multiple picture displays', 'sliding drawer in picture frame' all produced no product that could be adapted for jigsaw framing.

The only solution was to design the ideal jigsaw puzzle frame from scratch. A UK CAD (Computed Aided Design) expert was commissioned to develop several different designs and from these the best one was selected for further development in conjunction with an existing picture frame manufacturer. After five or six different prototypes the current Jigframe design was settled on and it went into production.

The whole process took about 4 months and the end result looks very simple. Looking back with the knowledge we have now it seems that it all could have been accomplished on a wet Thursday afternoon!

Puzzles that fit the Jigthings Puzzle Frame

On our Jigframe Light 1000 Medium page there is a table that shows all the puzzles that fit the Jigframe 1000 - both Light and Dark are the same size

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