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The Amazon network is exceptional when it comes to supply and delivery - so much so that it means we cannot deliver our products to you as quickly as they can.

As we want only the best experience for our customers we therefore recommend that you purchase directly from the Amazon site. You can be sure that you will receive exactly the same product but it will arrive much faster and delivery will be free.

Click the button below and go direct to the Jigboard 500 on Amazon.

Buy On Amazon


  • Enjoyable puzzle making
  • Portable
  • Easy to move around
  • Raised edge ensures no lost pieces
  • Soft fabric covering

The Smallest of our Jigsaw Boards

This particular size of Jigboard is the smallest made by Jigthings. If you are not familiar with our range of puzzle boards then it might be a good idea to read about their usefulness over on our jigsaw boards overview page

Although the Jigboard 500 is small in size it is big in features. Its sturdy construction provides a solid surface for constructing jigsaws whilst the soft fabric covering means that it is always delightful to use. Every jigsaw you buy will thank you for ensuring that each piece is kept safe and secure within the raised perimeter of the board!

Jigsaws of 500 pieces and less are sometimes frowned upon by puzzle fanatics because they are considered to be too easy. Our answer to that is that not everyone wants to be mentally challenged every time a new jigsaw design is unleashed upon the world. Sometimes it is just nice to open a 500 piece puzzle secure in the knowledge that it will take a few hours to complete sooner than weeks. Take a look at the wonderful range of 500 piece puzzles from Gibsons including 'Teacup Cottage' and 'Village Lighthouse' in their ever-popular Thomas Kinkade range. If you like 500 piece puzzles, don't let the so-called experts put you off - jigsaws are there to be enjoyed in whatever manner you choose!

Another potential use for this small size of puzzle board is for enjoyment by youngsters in the family. Let's face it, gran and granddad are not likely to engage much with their grandchildren playing the latest games on their Playstations and X-Boxes but a jigsaw is another matter. A Jigboard with a jigsaw on it are a sure fire way to get all generations in a family happily engaged in the same activity.

For those of us who have reached the age when backache is something you learn to live with, it is worth considering a jigsaw board and jigsaw table combination. There are not many participatory hobbies that can be enjoyed leaning back in your favourite armchair but jigsawing is one of them.

If you are not sure whether to go for the Jigboard 500 or opt for a larger size then the table below might help with your deliberations - it shows the puzzle manufacturers who cater for this smaller size.


ManufacturerNumberLengthHeightLengthHeightFits Jiboard 500?

AA Jigsaws50019.2914.17490360Yes
Celtic/Tailton Puzzles50018.9014.37480365Yes
Citadel Puzzles50020.0813.78510350Yes
Clementoni Jigsaws50019.0913.19485335Yes
Crown and Andrews Pty Ltd50019.0212.99483330Yes
Educa Jigsaws50018.0312.99458330Yes
Falcon/Jumbo Puzzles50020.0014.02508356Yes
Gibsons Games25019.0214.02483356Yes
Gibsons Games50017.3212.01440305Yes
Heye Puzzles52915.1215.12384384Yes
House of Puzzles50019.0213.50483343Yes
James Hamilton/Grovely50018.9013.78480350Yes
JR Puzzles50018.9013.78480350Yes
Ravensburger Jigsaws50019.0214.02483356Yes
SunsOut Puzzles50019.0013.00483330Yes

Buffalo Games Inc50021.2515.00540381No
Cobble Hill50024.0018.00610457No
Editions Ricordi Arte50019.6915.75500400No
FX Schmid50024.0217.99610457No
Great American Puzzle Factory50024.0217.99610457No
King International Puzzles50026.7718.90680480No
Susan Prescot50019.2919.29490490No
White Mountain Puzzles55024.0018.00610457No


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