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Safely Stores Completed Puzzles - Forever

Jigstores provide an easy storage system for completed jigsaws. Each box protects and safely stores up to 10 puzzles and each one can be up to 1,000 pieces. To find out about the history of Jigstores and the puzzles that fit within them please take a look at our Jigstore 1000 page. Continue reading here to find out why you might like to store puzzles and how to do it.


Reasons for Storing Jigsaw Puzzles

You could be forgiven for thinking that all the fun of jigsaw puzzles comes during the process of making them up. No doubt this is the majority view but true puzzle lovers believe that jigsaws deserve better than that! Here are a few reasons why aficionados keep their puzzles intact:

1. Dedicated puzzlers don't like the idea of spending endless hours making a puzzle only to break it up without anyone else seeing it. Puzzles make great talking points with friends and family but it is absolutely no fun looking at a box of unassembled pieces. In their assembled state, jigsaws can be admired and compared.

2. Puzzle enthusiasts are like other hobbyists - they enjoy trying to 'convert' those around them. A selection of assembled puzzles gives an opportunity to demonstrate their fascination - the images on the puzzles and the individual piece shapes, the 'cut' of them. These factors determine the difficulty of a puzzle. If you think a puzzle is a puzzle then think again.

3. A puzzle with one piece missing is like a kiss without a hug - not complete! No wonder then that jigsaw-doers have a phobia of losing even just one piece. The only infallible way to convince yourself that all the pieces are there is to keep your puzzles made-up. By the way, never think that you can count unassembled pieces to check if there are exactly 500 or 1000 because usually the complete puzzle will contain more than that.

4. Puzzles can be extremely valuable so there is good reason to store them safely. Treasured wooden puzzles can be worth thousands of dollars and sought-after cardboard ones sometimes change hands for hundreds of dollars. Remember that the value of a puzzle is reduced if there are missing pieces, if any pieces are damaged or if the puzzle hasn't got its original box. Even if you keep your puzzles in a Jigstore you should always keep the boxes they came in.

5. If you sometimes lend out puzzles or swap them with friends then a Jigstore enables you to convince them that the puzzle has all its pieces. Show them the completed puzzle and then break it up for them to take away.

6. The people who own a Jigframe will know how enjoyable it is to display puzzles by hanging them on a wall. With a Jigstore you can have a collection of puzzles each of which can be taken out and framed in less than a minute. There's no need to be tied down to just a single picture on your wall - change it as your mood dictates.

7. You might consider cataloguing your assembled puzzles with notes about when they were made and anyone that helped you with them. In years to come these will become treasured mementos for both you and your descendents.

8. Lastly, always remember that an assembled puzzle can be broken up within seconds but a broken up puzzle might take days to put back together again!

Using a Jigstore

Using a Jigstore is far from rocket science. The simple idea is that you create a 'puzzle sandwich' with jigsaws interspersed with rigid cardboard sheets. A Jigstore comes complete with 11 sheets and this includes one that goes on top of the last puzzle. The whole multi-tiered sandwich is kept together with the two straps provided and then placed in the sturdy outer box.

Each 'full' Jigstore will contain 10 puzzles and any amount of Jigstores can be stacked on top of each other. In this way all completed puzzles can be permanently protected for your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to enjoy in years to come - but we really hope that you will take the puzzles out now and again to enjoy them yourself!

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