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Now you Need Never Lose a Puzzle Piece Again

Managing the loose pieces of a jigsaw puzzle is made easy with Jigsafe. The nested boxes make sure that all the pieces are kept the right way up in an orderly fashion. Over on our Jigsafe page you can learn about the various methods that people employ to do jigsaws but stay on here to see why we believe that Jigsafe helps you get more fun out of your puzzles.

For all of us who like to 'Manage' the loose pieces in a puzzle there are 3 main requirements as follows:

  1. All the pieces are continuously kept safe from damage and loss
  2. All the pieces are kept the right way up
  3. All the pieces are kept within easy reaching distance

Let's have a closer look at each of these elements and see how Jigsafe stacks up.

Puzzle Pieces Kept Safe

Whilst you are actually engaged in assembling a puzzle, the individual pieces are relatively safe but stop guarding them and the number of problems that can befall them are quite frightening; the dog can chew them, the cat can scratch them, the vacuum cleaner can gobble them up, the baby can double them in two, and we have heard of toddlers doing quite unspeakable things to them.

The problem with the uninitiated is that they don't realize that every single piece in a puzzle must be preserved in its perfect condition. 'What's all the fuss about?' you will hear them say, 'You've still got 999 undamaged pieces'. So, when the neighbour calls to introduce his rottweiler puppy or the nephew arrives with his barrow-load of children you need a method of whipping away your puzzle as quickly as possible.

Jigsafe provides the answer. You can nest each of the trays inside each other (along the lines of a Russian Doll), and pop the lid on in the time between ringing your doorbell and descending upon you.

Keeping it Visible

Unless you are a real glutton for punishment you are going to need all the unassembled pieces to be kept the right way up so that you have a sporting chance of finding where they all fit in. Turning the pieces the right way up might seem like something of a chore when you first start a puzzle but you know it will be worth it in the long run. With a Jigsafe you can be sure that the job will only have to be done once because every single piece will be kept neat and tidy when you are working on the puzzle.

Everything Within Easy Reach

Whilst working on a jigsaw the Jigsafe boxes are normally kept stacked, as opposed to nested. In this way you can easily move them around and re-stack them as necessary within arms reach.

If more than one person is working on the same jigsaw with you they can construct their own individual section in one of the boxes. The removable liners make it easy to then transport the completed section to the main board. The liners also come in useful when consolidating the pieces into fewer boxes.

Those who like doing very large jigsaws often buy more than one Jigsafe although we have never yet had anyone buy 24 Jigsafes to cope with 'LIFE: The Great Challenge', the massive 24,000 piece puzzle from Educa.

More often than not the customers who buy Jigsafes tell us that it is the best invention yet for enjoying puzzles more!

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