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Puzzle Framing the Easy Way with Jigframes

The ingenious design of the Jigthings puzzle frame means that you can frame a jigsaw puzzle in seconds without ever using glue. A completed puzzle can be hung on your wall with minimum fuss and bother.

Almost all other frames rely upon glue to ensure that the jigsaws stay together but not Jigframe. We believe that the real magic of jigsaws is that they consist of assembled pieces that can equally well be UNASSEMBLED. As soon as you glue a puzzle it loses both its charm and its value. Use jigsaw glue and you no longer have a jigsaw - whether it is in a frame or not. The mere thought of gluing a puzzle sends jigsaw devotees into a state of apoplexy!



The other thing that characterizes Jigframes is that they are so easy to use. There are no awkward, tiny pieces to contend with, no pins, no nails, no screws, and absolutely no danger of your puzzle ending up in a crumpled heap on the floor.

Why Frame a Jigsaw Puzzle?

There are many beautiful images on jigsaw puzzles and you will find that prints of the same images will often cost you a considerable amount more than a jigsaw would - particularly the 1,000 piece sizes of puzzle. To see what we mean, try a Google search on 'Thomas Kinkade Prints' and then compare the prices with a similar search on 'Thomas Kinkade Jigsaws'. Remember too, that you don't get the enjoyment of making-up a print!

Sometimes puzzles are made to commemorate a special occasion such as a birthday, wedding or christening - framing the puzzle serves as a long-term reminder of the joy of that time. One especially nice Japanese tradition is for a couple to make a jigsaw together when they first get married and frame it as a constant memento of shared achievement.

It might take many hours to complete a jigsaw, often involving sessions over days or even weeks. What better way to celebrate finishing the puzzle than to hang it on your wall for all to see? Changing puzzles is so easy with Jigframe that you can swap them around every time you complete a new one.

For some reason puzzles in good-looking frames always create a talking point. Put an original oil painting worth a fortune in a frame next to a 20 dollar puzzle and the chances are that your friends will want to talk about the puzzle!

How It Works

Jigframes are jigsaw puzzle frames with a hidden secret... Behind the real wooden picture frame that you see is a very thin drawer that you don't see. To insert a puzzle you simply lay a Jigframe on a table, slide out the drawer, lay the puzzle on the drawer, lay the transparent acrylic sheet on top and then close the drawer. In a twinkling of an eye your puzzle is enclosed in a jigsaw puzzle frame that is indistinguishable from the best picture frames.

Detailed Instructions

Still not convinced that it can be that easy? Here are the detailed instructions that we send out with every product:

When you receive your Jigframe you will find an acrylic sheet that is protected by paper stuck to both sides. The paper protection sometimes makes the acrylic sheet look like a piece of rigid cardboard so be careful not to throw it away with the packaging! The paper protection should be removed carefully without the use of sharp objects so as to avoid scratching. You might find it useful to warm up the sheet (either close to a radiator or in the sun) to make it easier to peel off the protection.

We use acrylic material for the front of Jigframe because it is much safer than glass, especially when used around children.

You will also find two identical Jigsheets included in the package. Jigframe is designed to hold EITHER ONE of these Jigsheets with a puzzle on top of it. You can construct your puzzle directly on a Jigsheet or you can transfer it after construction using the following methods:

If the puzzle is on a table, then butt the edge of the Jigsheet up to the edge of the table and simply slide the puzzle onto the Jigsheet.

If the puzzle is on a Jigboard then follow this procedure:

  1. Put a Jigsheet on top of the puzzle and hold it firmly against the puzzle while you invert the whole lot.
  2. Remove the Jigboard to leave the puzzle upside down on the Jigsheet.
  3. Put the other Jigsheet on top of the puzzle and hold it firmly against the puzzle while you invert the whole lot.
  4. Remove the top Jigsheet to leave the puzzle the right way up on the other Jigsheet.

It is extremely easy to assemble Jigframe... Slide out the drawer in the top, lay the Jigsheet, jigsaw and acrylic sheet (in that order) on top of the drawer and slide the drawer in again.

In order to ensure that the jigsaw is correctly centred in the frame it is sometimes necessary to use a small cardboard 'Riser' and this is included in the package. This needs to be put on top of the Jigsheet at the bottom of the jigsaw - beneath the acrylic sheet. The size of the puzzle will determine whether or not the riser needs to be used.

Frame Colors and Sizes

We make frames in five different sizes (for 500 piece and 1,000 puzzles from several different manufactures) and two different colors (light and dark). Size details are as follows:

Jigframe Light/Dark 500 Small: Puzzles as small as 18.3 inches x 13.3 inches and as large as 19.3 inches x 14.3 inches

Jigframe Light/Dark 500 Large: Puzzles as small as 23.5 inches x 17.32 inches and as large as 24.5 inches x 18.6 inches

Jigframe Light/Dark 1000 Small: Puzzles as small as 26 inches x 19 inches and as large as 27 inches x 20.2 inches

Jigframe Light/Dark 1000 Medium: Puzzles as small as 26.6 inches x 19 inches and as large as 27.6 inches x 20 inches

Jigframe Light/Dark 1000 Large: Puzzles as small as 29.5 inches x 23.3 inches and as large as 30.1 inches x 24.7 inches

Download the Jigthings Leaflet

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