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Jigsorts have changed the way that jigsaw puzzles are enjoyed in thousands of homes throughout the world. You will hear them referred to as many different things – puzzle cases, jigsaw carriers, jigsaw organizers, puzzle kaddys, puzzle transporters, jigsaw holders, etc. Whatever you choose to call them, we believe that Jigsorts do their job better than anything else on the market!

One thing that a Jigsort is NOT is a Portapuzzle. Portapuzzles are a cheaper alternative to Jigsorts but read on to find out why we prefer Jigsorts…


A Jigsort comes complete with a soft but firm board on which to construct your jigsaw along with sort trays on which to keep the unassembled pieces. A stylish carry case provides the means to easily pack away a part-completed puzzle whilst a fully stitched handle enables you to transport your jigsaws from room to room, house to house or even country to country. Let's look at each of the component parts in turn.

Removable Board

This is the nerve centre of every Jigsort! It provides a totally rigid surface on which the puzzle is constructed. The board is completely covered in a special soft fabric that makes it a joy to work with. It can be placed on any table or shiny surface without the least fear of scratching. The fabric covering keeps the pieces attached to the surface and this, combined with a raised edge around the board, ensures that individual pieces are never lost. All of our puzzle boards now come complete with a puzzle mat that can be laid over the board and the pieces on it.

The most common question we are asked about Jigsort is WHY does it have a removable board? The answer is that it makes life so much easier and it makes doing a jigsaw so much more enjoyable. You can place the board on any table (even a tiny one), your knee or your bed without having surplus cases, lids, flaps and fastenings hanging down here, there and everywhere!

Sort Trays

Jigsorts come complete with Sort Trays that have the same special soft fabric on the inside that is used on the boards. These trays are used for storing the non-assembled pieces but they can also be used for constructing small sections for later transfer to the main Construction Board. Each Sort Tray has its own lid to keep the pieces in place when the puzzle is not being worked upon. Our jigsaw cases for 500 pieces (Jigsort 500) have two made-to-measure Sort Trays whilst the cases for 1000 and 1500 pieces (Jigsort 1000 and Jigsort 1500) each have four made-to-measure Sort Trays.

Regardless of which size you choose, you will find that the Sort Trays in all our Jigsorts are made to fit snugly into the board and by so doing all the jigsaw pieces are kept firmly in place. The whole assembly can then be zipped up inside the attractive carrying case and in this condition partly completed jigsaws can be safely stored or transported elsewhere for use in the future. Please note that because of the large size of the Jigsort 1500 a certain amount of piece slippage may occur until approximately 50% of the jigsaw has been completed.

Outer Case

We expect our customers to enjoy doing many, many puzzles in their lifetime and we ensure that our cases are made to stay the course! Cases are made of attractive and rigid polypropylene (not fabric) so that they can withstand the inevitable knocks and bumps along life's way.


We recommend that you give very careful thought to the size of puzzle case that you require.

The Jigsort 1500 is the most common choice for enthusiastic puzzlers because it will accommodate almost all the standard shaped puzzles up to 1500 pieces from the popular manufacturers. There are a few "Shaped puzzles" and a few "Panoramic" ones that are too large to fit so it might be wise to check the sizes carefully before purchasing this type of puzzle. As with all Jigsorts, the materials used are made to last a lifetime and this durability means that they are fairly heavy when it comes to this large size. They are not the sort of thing that your 80 year old grandmother would feel happy to cart around town on a bus!

The Jigsort 1000 is the most popular choice in Europe because it fits all the 1000 piece puzzles from the well known European manufacturers - Clementoni, Falcon, Gibsons, Jumbo, Ravensburger, FX Schmid etc. They also fit the 1000 piece puzzles of Buffalo and Masterpieces as well as the smaller of the SunsOut 1000 piece puzzles. Note however that this size of Jigsort is not large enough to fit the larger of the Sunsout 1000 piece puzzles nor the 1000 piece puzzles of Springbok and White Mountain - for these the only choice is the Jigsort 1500.

If you are only interested in small puzzles then the Jigsort 500 will possibly be adequate for your needs. It is the smallest product in this range and therefore the easiest to move around in the house and carry outside the house. It fits almost all 500 piece puzzles but Great American and Sunsout puzzles are just a little too large to fit.

Here are all the sizes:

Jigsort 1500: Puzzle case for 1500 pieces: For most jigsaws up to 1500 pieces (36" x 26")

Jigsort 1000: Puzzle case for 1000 pieces: For most jigsaws up to 1000 pieces (29.5" x 20.5")

Jigsort 500: Puzzle case for 500 pieces: For most jigsaws up to 500 pieces (20.5" x 15.5")

Before You Buy Any Jigsaw Puzzle Case/Holder/Carrier

The purchase of a jigsaw case is a substantial investment and one that you would expect to be a part of your home for many years. If you are comparing Jigsort with Portapuzzle, Puzzle Caddy or any other jigsaw carriers or puzzle holders then you might like to consider the following questions:

  1. Does the alternative product contain a separate Construction Board (like Jigsort) or do jigsaws have to be made in the outer case itself? Remember that if the puzzles have to be made in the outer case then it will be MUCH more cumbersome when in use.
  2. Does the puzzle holder/carrier have separate trays for unassembled pieces (like Jigsort) and if so do the trays have lids and raised edges to prevent losing pieces?
  3. Does the jigsaw holder or carrier zip up (like the Jigsort case) or does it merely have Velcro attachments? Remember that a zip is the best way of ensuring that pieces never get lost.
  4. Are the construction surfaces of the jigsaw holder or carrier all covered in a special soft fabric (like Jigsort)?
  5. Does the outer case of the jigsaw holder/carrier look durable enough to last for many years (like the Jigsort case)?
  6. Does the carrying handle of the case form an integral part of the case (like Jigsort) or is it just glued or riveted on? Remember that over the years the most vulnerable part of any jigsaw case is its handle. We have NEVER seen a Jigsort with a damaged handle!
  7. Does the puzzle case have the style, elegance and proven track record of Jigsort?

Happy Puzzling!

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