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Jigsaw Puzzle Products And How They Are Used

We know that if you are new to the world of Jigthings it can be a little confusing to understand the many different jigsaw puzzle products on our website. Unfortunately this is the penalty we pay for offering the world's most comprehensive collection of puzzle equipment. Here is a quick run-down of what we do – if you are looking for straight talking with no exuberance or ‘sales hype' then this is the place to be!

Jigthings sell six different categories of product. ‘Jigsaw Boards' is an example of one of our categories and ‘Jigsaw Cases' is another.

Within each category there are up to 4 different product items. For instance in the ‘Jigsaw Boards' category we have Jigboard 500, Jigboard 1000 and Jigboard 1500. These products cater for different sizes of puzzle within the category.

Click on any of the items in the left-hand side menus to go to the categories and from there you will be able to click on individual products.

What follows is a quick look at how and where each jigsaw product is typically used.

Jigsaw Puzzle Boards

When you buy one of these you get just a single board that has a raised edge to prevent pieces falling off. It is covered with a soft, baize-like material that means it can be laid on shiny surfaces (like dining room tables) without fear of scratching them. It is used by people who never need to pack away a part-completed jigsaw puzzle but might want to move the puzzle around in their home.

There are 3 different sizes – Jigboard 500, Jigboard 1000 and Jigboard 1500. The numbers refer to the quantity of pieces that each one can accommodate.


Jigsaw Puzzle Cases

This is what we call our ‘Jigsaw Management System'. With each purchase you get an outer carry case, a jigsaw puzzle board (see the category above) and Sort trays on which to keep loose pieces and to construct small sections of puzzle. It is ideal for people who frequently need to pack away their part-completed puzzles. The Sort trays are placed on top of the Jigboard and the whole is then zipped up in the outer case.

There are 3 different sizes – Jigsort 500, Jigsort 1000 and Jigsort 1500. The numbers refer to the quantity of pieces that each one can accommodate.


Jigsaw Puzzle Frames

When they are hanging on a wall, these wooden frames look just like conventional picture frames. Each frame has a ‘hidden drawer' on which the jigsaw puzzle is positioned and on top of the puzzle is placed a clear acrylic sheet. When the drawer is slid into the frame the puzzle is displayed ready for hanging. The process is very simple and no glue is required.

The frames come in two different colours (light and dark) and two different sizes (for 500 piece and 1000 piece puzzles). Thus we have Jigframe 500 Light, Jigframe 500 Dark, Jigframe 1000 Light and Jigframe 1000 Dark.


Jigsaw Puzzle Safes

This puzzle product has been developed solely for the purpose of storing and displaying the unassembled pieces of a jigsaw. The seven boxes ‘stack' when in use and ‘nest' when the puzzle pieces are being stored between puzzle sessions. Each box has an insert that allows the pieces to be consolidated into fewer boxes and for made-up puzzle sections to be transported to the main board. It is usually used in conjunction with a jigsaw puzzle board

There is only one size – the Jigsafe. It will hold up to 1,000 puzzle pieces.


Jigsaw Puzzle Storage

This is a product for jigsaw aficionados. It is only suitable for people dedicated to jigsaw-puzzling who have a requirement to store their completed puzzles. Collectors of puzzles find that the item is valuable to them. Also, it is frequently used by enthusiasts who like to ‘rotate' the puzzles in their jigsaw puzzle frame(s) – the jigsaws not on display are kept in the Jigstore.

There is only one size – the Jigstore 1000. It will hold up to 10 puzzles each up to 1000 pieces.



Jigsaw Puzzle Tables

The whole idea of this product is that it makes it more comfortable to do a jigsaw puzzle - the table is adjustable for both height and tilt. It pulls over the arms of a chair so that it is close to you and all the pieces are easily accessible. For puzzling it needs to be accompanied by a Jigboard - either the 500 or 1000 size.

There is only one size. The table is usually used for other purposes like reading, writing and eating as well as puzzling.

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