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Puzzles are Kept Snug and Secure for Evermore!

This is the perfect storage solution for completed puzzles. Jigstores ensure that your jigsaws are kept snug and safe for evermore. The page you are on tells you a little about the development of Jigstores and the puzzle sizes they are designed for. To learn why people choose to retain assembled puzzles you can visit our puzzle storage overview page.


  • A home for 10 Puzzles
  • Keeps puzzles made-up
  • A jigsaw sandwich!
  • 1000 pieces and under
  • All snug and secure!

Jigstore Development

In the mid 1980's a group of puzzle devotees in the UK formed a club that they named the BCD. The idea of the group was to bring together people who enjoyed puzzling to display and discuss their pastime. The main focus was on old, wooden puzzles but there were a few advocates of more modern cardboard puzzles. The foundations of the club were built on solid ground because it is still going strong - you can read all about them at the BCD website.

From the onset of the club it was apparent that looking at heaps of unassembled pieces was not a great deal of fun - the puzzles needed to be in their completed state so that their finer points could be appreciated. What was required was a way of keeping the puzzles together during transit from all four corners of England to the designated meeting places. And so began the search for ways of doing this.

Probably the most widely adopted transportation method was to place the puzzle on a cardboard sheet that was then completely wrapped in cling film. Unfortunately the fragile covering provided little in the way of protection for the puzzle during shipment and the shiny cling film did nothing to compliment the delicate colorings of the jigsaw beneath.

During the next 15 years the members of the club adapted all kinds of different boxes, cases and holders from wood, cardboard and plastic but nothing was ideally tailor-made for the needs of jigsaw puzzles. At about this time (2000) Lisa and Colin King attended their first BCD meeting having just launched 'Jigsort' in a chain of retail shops in the UK. Lisa and Colin recognized that there might be a commercial opportunity to develop a storage/transport system for completed puzzles and over the next 2 years they explored every conceivable combination of packaging materials, hinges, brackets, matts, rolls, fastenings and covers.

Ultimately it was decided that the simplest solution was the best - rigid boards to form a 'jigsaw puzzle sandwich', straps to keep them together and a sturdy outer box. It went into production in 2003 and to this day it remains essentially the same design. If anyone can think of anything better then we would be delighted to hear from you!

Which Puzzles fit?

Jigstores are designed to hold up to 10 puzzles with a maximum length of 27.4 inches and a maximum height of 20 inches.

You should be aware that a 'fully loaded' Jigstore containing 10 puzzles weighs in at about 25 lbs so you probably won't want to be carrying more than one at a time!

Technical Details:

Manufacturer: Jigthings Limited

UPC Number: ????????????

Suitable Age Range: 14 years and up

Product Weight: 18.8lbs

New stock arriving March 2022

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