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Puzzle Case for 1000 Piece Puzzles

Our 3 sizes of Jigsort are all built to perform the same tasks and at the puzzle cases overview page you can read what these are.

In Europe, the 1000 is by far the most popular size of Jigsort in the range but in the US there is a small problem... there are three notable US puzzle manufacturers who make their 1000 piece puzzles just a little too large to fit on our 1000 size board! The manufacturers are Springbok, White Mountain Puzzles and the larger sizes of SunsOut Puzzles. The smaller of the SunsOut puzzles however will fit OK.


  • Complete Puzzle system
  • Everything packs away
  • Light removable board
  • Separate sort trays
  • Easy to transport

Fortunately, all the 1000 piece puzzles from the various manufacturers will fit on the Jigsort 1500 and this is the preferred choice if you are intending to do these large 1000 piece puzzles.

Please see the table at the bottom of this page for verification that the puzzles you like to make will be accommodated by the Jigsort 1000.

Many people whose favorite size of puzzle is 500 pieces still prefer to use the Jigsort 1000 because it gives more work space around the outside of the jigsaw. And don't forget that if you buy a 1000 size you will always be able to do 500 piece puzzles but if you opt for the 500 size Jigsort there is no opportunity to do 1000 piece puzzles.

The weight of the Jigsort 1000 is just under 15lbs and it is compact enough to be easily moved around. Don't forget that during the time the puzzle is being worked-upon, the board will be out of the case so there's no danger of the case getting in the way of efficient jigsawing! This size of Jigsort is perfect for use with our puzzle table. Simply slip the board onto the floor or a convenient chair on the occasions when you want to use the table for eating, reading or writing.

The following lists illustrate the manufacturers who make 'standard' puzzles that fit our Jigsort 1000 and also the manufacturers who choose to do their own thing!


Manufacturer Number Length Height Fits Jigsort 1000 Notes

Pieces (Inches) (Inches)

Buffalo Games Inc 1000 26.75 19.75 Yes
Castorland 1000 26.77 18.50 Yes
Ceaco 1000 27.17 20.08 Yes
Citadel Puzzles 1000 26.97 19.29 Yes
Clementoni Jigsaws 1000 26.70 18.80 Yes
Cobble Hill 1000 26.25 19.25 Yes
Editions Ricordi Arte 1000 27.56 19.67 Yes
Educa Jigsaws 1000 27.00 19.30 Yes
Falcon/Jumbo Puzzles 1000 26.80 19.30 Yes
Great American Puzzle Factory 1000 26.70 19.30 Yes
Hasbro 1000 26.25 20.25 Yes
Heye Puzzles 1000 26.80 18.90 Yes
Masterpieces 1000 26.75 19.25 Yes
Otter House 1000 27.00 19.25 Yes
Photomosaic 1000 26.75 19.75 Yes
Piatnik 1000 26.57 17.36 Yes
Pomegranate 1000 29.00 20.00 Yes
Ravensburger Jigsaws 1000 27.60 19.70 Yes
Schmidt 1000 27.30 19.50 Yes
Serendipity 1000 27.00 20.00 Yes
SunsOut Puzzles 1000 27.00 20.00 Yes
Trefl 1000 26.80 18.90 Yes
Wasgij 1000 26.77 19.29 Yes

Crown and Andrews Pty Ltd 748 32.68 12.20 No Fits in Jigsort 1500
Springbok 1000 30.00 24.00 No Fits in Jigsort 1500
SunsOut Puzzles 1000 26.00 26.00 No Fits in Jigsort 1500
White Mountain Puzzles 1000 29.92 24.02 No Fits in Jigsort 1500


Technical Details:

Manufacturer: Jigthings Limited

UPC Number: 699687158052

Suitable Age Range: 14 years and up

Product Weight: 12.5lbs

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