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The Amazon network is exceptional when it comes to supply and delivery - so much so that it means we cannot deliver our products to you as quickly as they can.

As we want only the best experience for our customers we therefore recommend that you purchase directly from the Amazon site. You can be sure that you will receive exactly the same product but it will arrive much faster and delivery will be free.

Click the button below and go direct to the Jigtable on Amazon.

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  • The ultimate luxury!
  • Sit back and relax
  • Adjustable for comfort
  • Like an artist's easel
  • Use for other purposes

Small Tables that are Ideal for Many Hobbies

These small tables are easily moveable within your living space and make it possible to enjoy many different hobbies within a restricted area. The tables are most often sold for constructing jigsaws and on the  puzzle table overview page you can read why they have been so widely adopted for this purpose. Continue reading here to find how this type of small table makes it easier to manage any number of different tasks.

One Small Table - Many Different Uses

Have you ever met anyone who has enough room in their house for everything they want to do? Probably not because the quantity of furniture in a home tends to expand to fill the available space and then grow just a little bit more!

An area and a table reserved just for jigsaw puzzles (or for any other single purpose) is a luxury that few of us can ever afford and we are therefore pleased to report that our customers invariably find a multitude of other uses for our tables. You may have read on Main Puzzle Table page that you will need to purchase either a Jigboard or a Jigsort as a companion for your table (assuming that jigsaw puzzling is one of the things you intend to use it for) and once you have this you are set to go.

With the board on the table you can angle the surface for comfortable puzzling or drawing. Alternatively, level-off the table and you have the perfect surface for playing board games, dice and card games with the rest of the family.

Take the board off and you then have a small table that is ideal for sewing, reading, writing and serving meals. Adjust the angle of tilt to suit the job in hand.

If the table is not going to be used for a while then the Jigboard can be safely stowed away in a cupboard. The table itself is small enough and portable enough to be easily pushed into a corner where it can reside until it is next required.

Here's a tip that almost all our customers employ: Make sure that your favorite chair points towards the TV and that your puzzle table can be pulled over its arms - that way you will be able to watch TV AND be involved with any one of a myriad other enjoyable tasks at the same time.

Is the Table Suitable for your Needs?

The purchase of one of these small tables is a sizeable investment and you might like to bear in mind the following statistics before buying:

  1. The size of the table top is 31 inches x 22 inches
  2. The base area is 32 inches x 23 inches
  3. The table comes complete with 4 castors - one for each corner
  4. The height of the table is adjustable between 27 inches and 33 inches
  5. The table can span an armchair up to 29 inches wide
  6. The table top is an attractive laminate beech effect and is easy to wipe clean

One Last Word!

We know we have said it before but don't forget that the table doesn't work for puzzles unless you have a Jigboard or a Jigsort to go with it.


Technical Details

Manufacturer: Jigthings Limited

UPC Number: 783627716843

Suitable Age Range: 14 years and up

Product Weight: 29lbs

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