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The Amazon network is exceptional when it comes to supply and delivery - so much so that it means we cannot deliver our products to you as quickly as they can.

As we want only the best experience for our customers we therefore recommend that you purchase directly from the Amazon site. You can be sure that you will receive exactly the same product but it will arrive much faster and delivery will be free.

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  • Puzzler's best friend
  • Boxes nest together
  • Removable inserts
  • Extra working surfaces
  • Never lose a piece

Puzzle Piece Boxes that Both Stack and Nest

The Jigsafe method enables you to organize and manage your loose puzzle pieces easier than ever before. The set of boxes stack when in use and nest together for storage. Learn how to get the best results from Jigsafe at the puzzle safes overview page or read on to see that not everyone does puzzles in the same way.

How do you Assemble a Jigsaw Puzzle?

There are extremely organized people in the world and extremely disorganized people and, from what we see, both groups are equally likely to enjoy jigsaw puzzles. Here is a quick run-down of the methods we have observed ranging from the most chaotic to the most organized.

Some people regard it as just plain wrong to try and organize a puzzle in any way at all. To them the fun is NOT to have a system. The rules of the game are that all the non assembled pieces must be kept jumbled together in the original box and only taken out when their rightful place is found within the puzzle on a single board used for the purpose.

One step up from the above is to keep all the puzzle pieces together in the original box but you are allowed to first turn them all the right way up, even though they might be 6 layers deep.

Next we have a subtle variation of the method above - you can also use the lid of the original box and thus have twice as much space - only 3 layers deep now. It helps to have a photographic memory because it is a real chore to keep lifting the lid to look at the picture.

Then we have those who are determined to be organized but use only equipment that can be found in the kitchen or pantry. Eating at such places becomes difficult because all the saucepans and baking trays along with most of the plates are full of puzzle pieces.

Up one more step and we have those who buy one or more Jigthings items (or indeed some competing product) and here we find life becomes much less frenzied. For instance, a Jigsafe can be entrusted to look after all the non-assembled pieces whilst a Jigboard provides a tailor-made construction area.

Getting even more organized we find the people who use Jigsafe trays to sort all the pieces into different colors. Whenever there is need of a piece with a red edge to its tab they will know exactly where to find it.

Lastly we have the true experts. Not only do they sort the pieces by color but also by shape - here again often in a Jigsafe. These devotees are frequently in training for puzzle competitions. For them it is not acceptable to have a 'resting hand'; no indeed, both hands must be constantly rushing around.

Incidentally, there is a growing trend towards countries holding their own national puzzle making competitions. If you are interested then the World Jigsaw Puzzle Federation website  is well worth a read.

So the answer to the question 'How do you assemble a jigsaw puzzle?' is 'In whatever way you enjoy it the most'

Do You Start by Completing the Perimeter of a Puzzle?

Here again, opinions vary. What we would say is that if you do manage to complete the edge first then it provides a very useful guide for the approximate place to put other sections that you might decide to develop independently. We have noticed that the people who normally win competitions (those god-like beings who complete a 500 piece puzzle in less than an hour) usually complete the outside very soon after starting.


Technical Details

Manufacturer: Jigthings Limited

UPC Number: 787551731682

Suitable Age Range: 14 years and up

Product Weight: 2lbs

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