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Puzzle Frames that Look Like Picture Frames

These are the puzzle frames that resemble quality picture frames. The innovative design incorporates a secret drawer for easily displaying your favorite jigsaws. If you don't know the Jigframe products then it might be a good idea to visit our puzzle frames overview page to see why so many people love them. For those who have never seriously considered framing puzzles here is some extra information to tempt you to try.


  • Trouble free framing
  • Beautiful real wood
  • No glue required
  • Easy to change puzzles
  • Hangs like a picture

Just Like a Wooden Picture Frame

We know that your home is your most prized possession and that everything in it needs to reflect your individual personality and style. To many jigsaw aficionados it seems only natural to display the fruits of their hobby in quality jigsaw puzzle frames and you might like to think about joining the club.

The first thing to consider is the material you would like the frame to be made of. Certainly you could opt for inexpensive plastic or metal but would this really fit in with your idea of home d├ęcor? We pondered the same problem and considered that wood was the preferred choice of framing material for Cezanne, Monet, Rembrandt, Turner, Salvador Dali and Turner so maybe wood would be right for us. Wood it was!

Artists with great artistic minds do however have different ideas on how elaborate the frame ought to be. Should it be very simple so that it focuses attention on the subject or should it be very elaborate to complement the subject? Knowing that we could not please everyone all the time we chose a midway path and our Jigframes have pleasing lines without being too extrovert.

Puzzle Frame Fits Both Landscape and Portrait Jigsaws

Most of the puzzles you encounter will be longer than they are high and this is what artists term 'landscape format' as with images of most buildings, country scenes, ships, trains etc.. 'Portrait format' is the opposite - puzzles are higher than they are long as in the case of most pictures of individual people.

Whichever puzzles you choose to do they will be equally well catered for by Jigframes. The configuration of hooks and cord on the back of the frames allows puzzles to be hung either way.

One Jigsaw Frame - Many Puzzles

Jigframes are made to fit the 500 piece puzzles from several different manufacturers. This means that you can rotate the puzzles in your frame so that you display different jigsaws at different times.

People who are enthusiastic enough to make several puzzles a year often put their most recently completed puzzle into a frame whilst they are working on a new one. Then, when the new puzzle is finished they take down their 'old' puzzle and insert the newly completed one. If you are planning to do something similar then you might like to consider our puzzle storage as a way of retaining all your puzzles in their assembled state.

Alternatively, we will be very happy to sell you a puzzle frame for every jigsaw you complete!

Make Sure it Fits!

Before committing to buying a frame for a 500 piece puzzle we urge you to check the table at the bottom of the page on Jigframe Dark 500 Small to make sure that the puzzle(s) you want to display can be accommodated.

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