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Frame your Puzzle the Easy Way

Using a Jigframe, it is easy to take a completed puzzle and hang it on your wall in next to no time! 1000 piece Jigsaws are safely preserved within a beautiful wooden frame. Aspects of framing puzzles are discussed on the  puzzle frames overview page but here is an account of why sizes need to be given careful consideration

Fitting Jigsaws into Puzzle Frames


  • Trouble free framing
  • Beautiful real wood
  • No glue required
  • Easy to change puzzles
  • Hangs like a picture

Many things in life have settled down to a standard size but unfortunately jigsaw puzzles are not one of them! A 1,000 piece puzzle can vary by 9 inches in length - Buffalo Games puzzles are 27 inches long whilst Springbok are 36 inches long. As puzzle frame manufacturers this gives us many headaches.

Let's be honest and say that a picture that is not quite the right size for a picture frame looks terrible and such is the case with jigsaw puzzles. On the one hand, a puzzle can be too small for the frame and that leads to an unattractive no-mans land between the edge of the puzzle and the start of the frame. Even worse is a puzzle that is too large for a frame leading to a row or two of pieces having to be taken out - when this happens the puzzle is destroyed because believe me you will never find those pieces again.

One possible solution is to make an adjustable frame but the ones we have seen vary between difficult to assemble and mind-blowingly frustrating. As soon as you buy a frame that is 'adjustable' you can say goodbye to a weekend! How then do you make a one-size-fits-all product?

Our own solution is to build in a recessed area behind the visible part of the frame and this enables puzzles of slightly varying sizes to all be accommodated equally well. A small proportion of the jigsaw is sometimes hidden from view but this is of little importance because the outside edge of the puzzle seldom contains anything of significance. With smaller puzzles the entire puzzle is visible but with larger puzzles a small section is hidden within the recess.

A puzzle is placed centrally on the drawer so that the jigsaw fills the entire visible space. With smaller puzzles it is sometimes necessary to put a riser (supplied with every Jigframe) at the base of the puzzle to ensure that it sits at the right level within the recess. A couple of minutes experimentation is enough to determine whether the riser is required for any particular jigsaw puzzle. If the riser is required then it will be completely hidden within the recess.

Does Your Puzzle Fit?

The Jigframe 1000 Medium (both light and dark coloured wood) is made for puzzles with a length between 26 inches and 28 inches and a height between 18 inches and 20 inches. The following jigsaws all fit within this criterion:



Buffalo Games Inc100026.7519.75
Buffalo Games Inc102627.0020.00
Citadel Puzzles100026.9719.29
Clementoni Jigsaws100026.7018.80
Editions Ricordi Arte100027.5619.67
Educa Jigsaws100027.0019.30
Falcon/Jumbo Puzzles100026.8019.30
Great American Puzzle Factory100026.7019.30
Heye Puzzles100026.8018.90
JR Puzzles100027.2018.90
Otter House100027.0019.25
SunsOut Puzzles100027.0020.00

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