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Beautiful Puzzle Frames from Jigthings

This puzzle frame is made of dark wood and fits the 500 piece puzzles from several different manufacturers. On the puzzle frames overview page you will find images and a video that explain how Jigframes work and at the bottom of this page you will see a table of puzzles that fit.  If, on the other hand, you are interested in the various design features of Jigframe then please do read on...


  • Trouble free framing
  • Beautiful real wood
  • No glue required
  • Easy to change puzzles
  • Hangs like a picture

Puzzle Frames that are Strikingly Good Looking!

Our number one priority is to ensure that your puzzle frame looks good when it contains a puzzle and is hanging on your wall. We understand that your home decor is important to you and that your pictures need to complement your interior design. Jigframes are made to display puzzles to their best effect without being ostentatious.

It is important to note that these jigsaw frames fit puzzles perfectly - there is no overhang of pieces outside of the frame and no annoying 'borders' between the puzzle and the frame itself. This is accomplished by the use of an invisible recessed area behind the frame that you can read more about at the Jigframe Light 1000 Medium page.  Puzzles of slightly varying size can all be accommodated without detracting from the Jigframe's smooth lines.

We have experimented with different materials for constructing jigsaw puzzle frames but we have found that any and all metal/plastic materials look less sophisticated than wood. Can you imagine the exhibits in the National Gallery of Art being framed in plastic? Or what about The Metropolitan Museum of Art housing paintings framed in aluminium? No, as we see it, the material of choice for framing puzzles has to be wood.

Easy to Use

Before the invention of Jigframes it was always something of an ordeal to frame a jigsaw - our intention is to make it a pleasure. The secret of our success is the hidden drawer on which the puzzle and the clear acrylic sheet are laid. There are no annoying small pieces to contend with and one pair of hands is more than enough to complete the task. You can now frame your puzzle in less time than you can boil a kettle!

Puzzle Protection

Puzzles usually cost only a few dollars and you might therefore think it strange that we consider it important to 'protect' your puzzles. However, we firmly believe that an important job of a puzzle frame is to ensure that the pieces never, never come apart. With some frames it is all to easy for the puzzle to slip out, with the predictable consequence of having a jigsaw that needs to be reassembled. This is not an agreeable job even if you can find all the pieces and it is extremely disagreeable if you can't!

The one important thing to remember with Jigframes is that provided the drawer containing the puzzle is kept closed then your jigsaw will be protected from harm. One point to consider when you are packing puzzle frames to be moved to another location is to tie a piece of ribbon or string all the way around each one to ensure that the drawer does not come undone during transit.

Puzzles for the Jigframe 500 Small

The list below shows the puzzles from major manufacturers that will fit in the Jigframe 500 Small (available in both the light and dark colour wood):



AA Jigsaws50019.2914.17
Clementoni Jigsaws50019.0913.19
Crown and Andrews Pty Ltd50019.0212.99
Ravensburger Jigsaws50019.0214.02
SunsOut Puzzles50019.0013.00

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