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Puzzle Frames that Look Stunning

The no-fuss way to hang a jigsaw puzzle on your wall. The Jigthings method involves no glue, no hassle, no screws, pins or nails, and no tiny pieces but your puzzle will nevertheless be handsomely displayed. You can learn the secrets of Jigframe's success at the  puzzle frames overview page or read below the history of the product development.

History of Jigframes


  • Trouble free framing
  • Beautiful real wood
  • No glue required
  • Easy to change puzzles
  • Hangs like a picture

Jigthings began developing products for jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts in 1998. The first product was Jigsort and this was quickly followed by Jigboard and Jigsafe. Our principal objective at that time was to provide ways of organizing puzzles during the time they were being constructed and to prevent the 'lost, last piece' syndrome.

During the creation of these products, and in the early years of sales, we talked to puzzle lovers with a diverse range of jigsawing interests. A recurring theme of these discussions was that there was a need to find a way to easily hang a puzzle on the wall in a frame that looked the part. Thus began the search for the ideal jigsaw framing system.

We figured that the first thing to do was sum-up the opposition! We didn't want to spend a great deal of time reinventing the wheel and if an adequate product existed then we would have been happy to become a reseller of it. We found a number of different designs for frames, the most useful of which came from Japan. The trouble was that although the end result of some of the frames was acceptable there were none that looked truly stunning and none could be termed easy-to-use. Consequently we determined that we would design the puzzle frame to end all puzzle frames...

One of the founders of Jigthings remembered that in the distant past of his childhood there was a mechanism for framing pictures at school. A drawer was concealed in an adapted picture frame and on the drawer were placed several painted pictures. When the drawer was slid into the frame, the picture on top was magically displayed for all to see. The problem was that, search as we may, we could not find a name for the contraption and without a name it proved impossible to track down a modern day counterpart that could be adapted for jigsaw puzzles. The idea of copying was ultimately discarded in favour of going it alone with a completely new design.

An expert in the field of Computer Aided Design was brought together with an expert in picture frame manufacture. They were commissioned to improve on this thing with an unknown name in undefined ways and using materials of an as yet undetermined nature! In order to ensure that they understood exactly what we wanted we gave them a detailed sketch that took all of 5 minutes to do on the back of a notepad.

Thankfully, the experts we employed proved worthy of the task with the result that Jigframes were born. We sincerely believe that this method of framing puzzles is both the easiest and most pleasing method yet devised - we only wish we could lay claim to more of the design process!

Making Sure that it Fits

There is a table at the bottom of our Jigframe Light 1000 Medium page that will help ascertain whether the Jigframe 1000 Medium will fit the puzzle(s) you have in mind

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