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Welcome aboard the Jigthings blog.

Our speciality is jigsaw puzzle accessories (puzzle boards, cases, frames, tables etc.) but everyone at Jigthings loves puzzles just as much as they love accessories.  Our work brings us into contact with many puzzle retailers, manufacturers and artists and therefore we think we are well qualified to give an unbiased opinion of how good a job they all do!

Jigsaw puzzles were “invented” by an Englishman over two centuries ago but if you think they are a relic of a bygone age then think again.  To show just how vibrant a hobby it is you might like to consider these 3 facts:

  1. At any one time there will be over 30,000 jigsaw puzzles listed on Amazon and often over 80,000 on eBay
  2. Over 80 manufacturers throughout the World introduce new puzzle designs every year
  3. In the USA and the UK there is more time spent doing jigsaw puzzles than is devoted to any other table game or board game.

We will try and keep you up-to-date with all that is happening in the world of jigsaw puzzles, with individuals and companies as well as new puzzle releases, subjects and themes.  Here is a quick overview of the people involved.

a-lisaThis is Lisa with a Jigsort 1500 – yes she really is that small and the Jigsort 1500 really is that big!    It is Lisa’s job to bring a little sanity to the Jigthings business.  When Pete and Colin (see later) have way-out business ideas it is Lisa who ensures that we all keep our feet on the ground.



And this is all three of us – Lisa, Colin and Pete.  Lisa this time is holding a Jigsort 1000, Colin in the Jigsort sizesmiddle holds a Jigsort 1000 and Pete on the right has a Jigsort 1500.  We put this picture in to give you a visual idea of why it is not a good idea to buy your 98 year old grandmother a Jigsort 1500 – unless she is very big indeed!

Colin, is usually first into the office in the morning and last out in the evening but nobody else is quite sure what he does.  It seems that he constantly wrestles with Google algorithms, cash-flows and budgets and the rest of us assume that it must be important but we’re not quite sure why.

You may have guessed that the blog is put together mostly by me, Pete. Generally speaking I’m the one who does all the work. I deal with any issues that arise in sales online and offline and most times I can be found answering the phone hoping and praying it is a customer and not another telesales operator trying to sell us a new ‘phone system or cheaper electricity.

By the way, Lisa and Colin are my aunt and uncle and I love them dearly, really!

When you get a chance, why not pop over and look at the Jigsaw Information page and the Puzzle Manufacturers page on our website.  I think it will convince you that whatever else, we are all passionate about jigsaw puzzles.

If you have any suggestions or comments about our products, website or blog then do please email me at pete@jigthings.com or contact me via Twitter or Facebook.  If there is one thing we like even more than jigsaw puzzles then it is customers – we will always be pleased to hear from you.


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