Jigsaw Puzzle Images – 24 Aug 2021

Hi there puzzlers, Sarah from Jigthings here. Photo of Blogger Sarah

As mentioned in a previous blog, choosing a jigsaw is invariably decided by the image or subject matter.

It’s an important factor in relation to level of difficulty. Take a look at the three puzzles below to see what I mean.


Jigsaw Puzzle BowlingBowling by the Brook


Gradient Jigsaw PuzzleGradient Jigsaw

Nigh-on Impossible

Jigsaw Puzzle of GrassImpuzzible Natural Grass

The first jigsaw puzzle is your ordinary image – lots of colour and variety. This should be easy enough to sort the pieces into using our Jigsafes.

The second image is a little more difficult. There are a limited number of colours and many pieces will be the exact same colour. You’d need to be a serious puzzler to have a go.

The third – gulp! – where on earth do you start? One colour, one design and no wiggle-room.

There is a seemingly never-ending choice when it comes to jigsaw pictures. You can even have your own photograph turned into a jigsaw. Gone are the days of either a motor car or a country cottage. You will even find images of baked beans, sweets and pebbles – although these are not for the casual puzzler.

If you’re stuck-in-the-mud when it comes to your puzzle images, why not branch out and have a go at something slightly crazy? It’ll stretch your brain and make you that bit more intelligent – alternatively you’ll be needing to make an appointment with the optician!

Jigsaw Puzzle of Candy BallsCandy Balls

Happy puzzling everyone.

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