Buzzy Bees – 27 Aug 2021

Hello puzzlers – Sarah from Jigthings herePhoto of Blogger Sarah

One of my favourites in the animal kingdom is the insect family. The sheer variety and weirdness of them really appeals to me. They are like miniature aliens roaming the planet. I just love them!

For today’s jigsaw theme, we are looking at the little creatures. I’ve found a few to choose from and none are scary close-ups so don’t worry.

Let’s start with a round puzzle. Even though it’s not the usual rectangular shape, it will still sit lovely on our Jigboard 500. It is 300 pieces and retails at £8.99. Soft, gentle and not too taxing. If you are doing this with a youngster, you could ask them to count the butterflies and see if there are, in fact, 99 of them!

Round Jigsaw Puzzle of Butterflies99 Butterflies

When I’m doing a jigsaw, I love to see loads of different colours. Makes it easier to sort the pieces into their respective colours. This one is a vibrant eye-catching puzzle. It’s 500 pieces and is £11.99.

Jigsaw Puzzles of BeetlesKaleido Beetles

The next one is for the very young. It’s simply gorgeous! Made of wood, it will last many years. Get your little ones into jigsaws at an early age!

This jigsaw puzzle is only £7.00 and orders are processed within 24 hours.

Jigsaw of LadybirdLadybug

Finally, we have an absolutely stunning jigsaw puzzle of a beautiful dragonfly. The colours are so rich and vivid. The jigsaw is a 1,000-piece wooden puzzle and retails for £31.49, which I think is a snip considering it’s made of wood.

Jigsaw Puzzle of DragonflyDragonfly

I hope you’ve enjoyed my selection of the little creatures!

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