Flower Frenzy – 15 Aug 2021

Hello puzzlers – Sarah from Jigthings here. Photo of Blogger Sarah

I went to visit my parents over the weekend. My mum is a proud gardener and her little front garden is full of bloom. With that in mind, I thought I’d see what flowery fun can be had with jigsaws.

Let’s start with something soft and gentle. I love the colours in this 1,000-piece jigsaw. Could be a little tricky knowing where those purples go!

Jigsaw Puzzle of Violet FlowersViolet Flowers

One of my favourite flowers is the poppy. The one below is from the Poppy Shop with all profits going to The Royal British Legion. It’s 750 pieces (so not too taxing) and is £19.99. Very pretty.

poppyWild Poppy Fields

Next up is what I’d call a ‘noisy’ jigsaw – full of this ‘n’ that. It’s 1,000 pieces with a lovely mix of colours – perfect for organising in our Jigsafes. And it’s a snip at only £7.00.

Floral Garden Jigsaw PuzzleFloral Garden

Of course, we can’t talk about flowers without mentioning the English rose. There’s nothing quite like the scent of a rose and if you want a smelly jigsaw, just spray some rosewater over this one! It’s 1,000 pieces and is rather pink. Retails for £16.99.

Jigsaw Puzzle of RosesEnglish Roses

So there you have it. A lovely selection of flowery jigsaws to choose from. They will hopefully bring a smile to your face.

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