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2000 Pieced puzzles

daveDave Evans, a jigsaw maker who made a 40,000-piece puzzle for the Queens Jubilee, has called for challengers to face him in a “fastest jigsaw cutter in the world” contest.

Dave is hoping to hold the competition in September and will take on any experienced cutters. The competition will be to cut a 3ft by 2ft wooden puzzle.

Dave will be streaming live from the UK via the internet and he is looking for challengers worldwide to do the same.

Neuschwanstein Castle
Awesome view of Neuschwanstein Castle
Size: 38.5 x 26.5 Inches
Number of Pieces: 2000
Artist: Buffalo Games
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Master Pieces 500 Pieced Puzzles

Hi Welcome to the Jigthings Jigsaw puzzle blog.

This week in the UK it is the second British Jigsaw Championship!
There are several types of puzzles to be made and there are competitions for making 1000 piece jigsaws in the quickest time. There is also a doubles competition where they make 1500 puzzles against the clock and each other. The Championship is held in Saint Mary’s Church in Newmarket. Newmarket is famed for horse racing in the UK. I hope the crowds in the church don’t get as excited as the punters at the races!

It sounds very grand but it is a bit smaller than the American Puzzle Parley which is in its twelfth year this year. I will give a few more details about the Parley in the next blog.

On with the blog. I hope you find the puzzles enjoyable – I know they gave me a hard time cropping the images (the sizes of the puzzles differ so much for Master Pieces).

Majestic Eyes
An awesome glow in the dark tiger jigsaw puzzle!
Size: 19 x 13 Inches
Number of Pieces: 500
Artist: Steven Michael Gardner
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Top Reviewed Puzzles on Amazon

Hi Welcome to the Jigthings Top Reviewed Puzzles on Amazon. I am not sure about you but when I like to buy something from the net, I really like to read the reviews first, so this week we look at some of the best reviewed puzzles out there. Take a look – there may be one that you have made before and would like to leave your own review.

CaptureLast month a museum in Rochester New York acquired the world’s largest collection of jigsaw puzzles. There are 7,000 puzzles and they all belonged to Anne Williams. You can read about the collection by clicking the link below.

Enjoy this weeks blog.

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