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Saint Georges Day – Dragons

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They say romance is dead but this young man in the UK found a novel way to propose to his girlfriend.  I am sure if there were still dragons about, he would have slain one for her instead!

st-george-cross-england-flag-8ft-x-5ft-373-pHere in the UK we celebrate Saint George’s Day on 23rd April every year.  It is also celebrated in many countries around Europe. Saint George is best known in the Golden Legend for slaying a dragon to save Princess Sabra and then went on to slay all the dragons in Libya.
If you would like to have a read about Saint George and his exploits, take a look at the links below.’s_Day

There are not too many Saint George puzzles about but we have brought you some of the finest dragon puzzles for you to look at.

A beautiful white dragon
Size: 27 x 20 Inches
Number of Pieces: 1000
Artist: Ravensburger
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Easter Jigsaw puzzles

Hi! With Easter nearly upon us we thought we would find some of the more unusual puzzles out there for you to try.

Easter BunnyEaster is a Christian festival and holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the 3rd day after his crucifixion. Today we give chocolate eggs to the children, but many years ago the eggs were highly painted in bright colours to give them further meaning as a gift. They were mainly hard-boiled chicken eggs rather than chocolate.

Early Anglo-Saxon legend states that the Saxon goddess Eostre found a wounded bird and transformed her into a hare or rabbit and the rabbit could lay eggs. It decorated the eggs each spring as offerings to the goddess Eostre, hence the rabbit and eggs that we see on the shelves in shops today.

Below is a man called John Wittneben dedicated to the hobby of dissectology (or Jigsaw puzzling to you and me!). He is fanatical about Jigsaws.

The Puzzle That Ruined Easter
A very challenging Easter puzzle with uneven edges and tessellated pieces
Size: 14.2 x 9.8 Inches
Number of Pieces: 234
Artist: Wentworth
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