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Fascinating Wildlife Puzzles

This week we are featuring our favourite nature and wildlife jigsaw puzzles but before that we think that a couple in Kent deserve a mention…

British Man completes 663 puzzles for charity!, John Slattery and his wife Pat buy and make second-hand puzzles and when they are happy the puzzles are complete, the puzzles are sold and the money raised is given to the Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance – a very worthy cause. John is always on the lookout for spare jigsaw puzzles. To donate a puzzle to John and Pat, call 01622 745440 or email Pat and John have so far raised the magnificent sum of over £16,000!WWF Logo

There are thousands of fascinating wildlife puzzles available. Below are 10 of our favourites here at Jigthings.

We are lucky enough to work in such beautiful surroundings in the wilds of Lincolnshire – daily we are visited by woodpeckers, squirrels and a whole host of other birds. On the odd occasion we have a fox meandering through the orchard. I think one of the strangest things that has happened to me on the internet was when I was playing cribbage on-line with a chap in South Africa and he typed ‘brb’ (Be Right Back). After a couple of minutes he came back and I asked what was wrong. He casually typed back he had a lion in his garden but not to worry it happens most days! Anyway, on with the blog.

Eyes of The Wild King of Beasts
The King of the jungle at his very best
Size: 21.25 x 15 inches
Number of Pieces: 500
Artist: Buffalo Games
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