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Our jigsaw puzzle accessories and equipment make doing jigsaws so much more fun. If you already enjoy doing puzzles you will find that our site demonstrates the best available puzzle boards, cases, carriers, frames, storage and tables.  If you are shopping for a gift then we explain everything in detail so that you can make an informed decision for the perfect present.

Here are some promises from us:

  1. The only orders we take are for products that are in stock - if our system accepts your order then rest assured your item is ready for dispatch and looking forward to meeting its new owner very soon!
  2. Orders are always dispatched from our warehouse in Olean within one working day of receipt and if we receive an order by noon we send it off the same day.
  3. There are no hidden shipping costs - we ship everything free of charge.  When you place an order with us you can have it delivered to anywhere in the USA at no extra cost.  This service is ideal if you are looking for a gift for a distant friend or relative.
  4. We only have satisfied customers - we take full responsibility for making you happy, even if a problem is the fault of our shippers.

Jigsaw Info

Everything you ever wanted to know about the world of jigsaw puzzles.


We can guarantee that you won't buy our puzzle products cheaper anywhere else - that's because they are not sold by anyone else. We own the exclusive rights to manufacture and sell all of our puzzle products and we own the trademarks of Jigboard, Jigframe, Jigsafe, Jigsort, and Jigstore.

You will find that we list Jigthings on both eBay and Amazon because we know that a great amount of people are familiar with these sales channels and like to order from them. We are 'top rated sellers' on eBay and 'top rated merchants' on Amazon so feel free to go one of those routes if you prefer.

Enough about us - let's give you a brief introduction to each of our products….

Puzzle Boards

Our puzzle boards are called 'Jigboards' and they are light enough to easily move from one room to another. They are absolutely rigid but their soft fabric surface is delightful to work on.

Puzzle Cases

Our puzzle cases are called 'Jigsorts'. These are effectively a complete management system for puzzles whilst they are being made-up. There has never been a better way of organizing jigsaws to ensure that no pieces are lost during the construction process. No wonder that they are often referred to as the most loved of all puzzle equipment!

Puzzle Frames

Our puzzle frames are called 'Jigframes'. The inventive design makes it possible to display your favorite puzzles without ever having to resort to the use of glue. When you finish a puzzle it is such a pity to break it up before enjoying it for a while - with a Jigframe it can be hanging on your wall within seconds.

Nesting Puzzles Boxes

Many people believe that these 'Jigsafes' are the most useful pieces of puzzle equipment ever designed! The boxes keep all your puzzle pieces the right way up and within easy reach whilst you are making the puzzle. When you want to pack away for the day the boxes all nest together to ensure that every single piece of a 1000 piece puzzle is kept safe.

Puzzle Storage

When you have spent many hours piecing together a puzzle you probably don't relish the idea of breaking it up again - now, with 'Jigstore' you don't have to! Each puzzle store contains up to 10 completed puzzles.


Let's face it, leaning over a table doing a jigsaw is not the most comfortable position in the world! Our puzzle table lets you lean back in your favorite chair with a puzzle laid out in front of you within easy reach. A real joy for anyone who suffers with back pain . Alternatively, If you prefer to make puzzles on a favorite existing table then you might like our JigEasels because they enable you to tilt the puzzle towards you for much greater comfort.

In Conclusion

Check out our Jigsaw Puzzle Info. pages to see how puzzles are made, their history, manufacturers and fascinating facts as well as useful information about choosing puzzles that you will enjoy.

As a final thought: given that you like puzzles then the chances are that you also like quizzes! If so then we thoroughly recommend that you visit the fun pages on Education Quizzes .


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