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The Ultimate Jigsaw Puzzle Frame

Jigframes are the easiest possible way to frame a jigsaw puzzle. In less than 2 minutes a jigsaw can be moved from a table to its permanent position, hanging on a wall. The functionality of Jigframes is explained at the  jigsaw frames overview page but here is a short explanation of why exact sizes are important.

Sizes of Puzzles in Jigsaw Frames

Our job would be so very easy if all 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles were the same size but unfortunately they are not!


  • Trouble free framing
  • Beautiful real wood
  • No glue required
  • Easy to change puzzles
  • Hangs like a picture

Just like all book publishers have their own ideas for the perfect size for a book, so it is with jigsaw puzzles - all puzzle publishers have their own ideas for the perfect size for a puzzle. The trouble is that when different sized books are displayed in a bookcase it looks fine and acceptable but when a jigsaw puzzle is displayed in a frame that is not made-to-measure it looks very odd indeed.

The worst possible scenario is a puzzle frame that is slightly too large for the size of the puzzle. When this happens you find an unsightly blank area between frame and puzzle and we believe this is simply not acceptable. What we do think acceptable is that a small proportion of the edge pieces of a puzzle are hidden behind the jigsaw frame. The very outside of a puzzle is of little significance because more often than not it consists of fairly bland sea, sky or grass! Taking these factors into consideration, the Jigframe solution is as follows:

We make the wooden frame 35mm wide all round but the hidden drawer that slides into the frame is recessed behind the frame that you see. This effectively provides a margin to allow puzzles of slightly differing sizes all to fit within the one size of jigsaw puzzle frame. Smaller puzzles fit exactly within the visible area whilst larger puzzles have part of the puzzle edge obscured within the recessed area.

Provided that the puzzle is placed centrally on the drawer it will be displayed without any spare area between puzzle and frame. One further enhancement is what we call a 'riser' that can be placed at the bottom of the smaller puzzles to raise their height within the frame so that there is no spare area between the top of the puzzle and the bottom of the top rail of the frame. The riser is always hidden within the recessed area. All of which sounds rather complicated but trial and error will tell you within a few seconds whether or not the riser is required!

Puzzles that Fit in a Jigframe 1000 Medium

Those who enjoy mathematics will eagerly digest the fact that puzzles to fit our Jigframe 1000 can be as small as 675mm x 476mm and as large as 701mm x 510mm. For those who prefer not to have the headache of working it all out, the table below provides a reference of the puzzles that will fit!


Manufacturer Number Length Height Length Height

Pieces (Inches) (Inches) (mm) (mm)
Buffalo Games Inc 1000 26.75 19.75 679 502
Buffalo Games Inc 1026 27.00 20.00 686 508
Ceaco 500 27.00 20.00 686 508
Citadel Puzzles 1000 26.97 19.29 685 490
Clementoni Jigsaws 1000 26.70 18.80 678 478
Editions Ricordi Arte 1000 27.56 19.67 700 500
Educa Jigsaws 1000 27.00 19.30 686 490
Falcon/Jumbo Puzzles 1000 26.80 19.30 681 490
Gibsons Games 1000 26.97 19.29 685 490
Great American Puzzle Factory 1000 26.70 19.30 678 490
Heye Puzzles 1000 26.80 18.90 681 480
House of Puzzles 1000 27.00 19.00 686 483
JR Puzzles 1000 27.20 18.90 691 480
King International Puzzles 500 26.77 18.90 680 480
Masterpieces 1000 26.75 19.25 679 489
Otter House 1000 27.00 19.25 685 490
Photomosaic 1000 26.75 19.75 679 502
Schmidt 1000 27.30 19.50 693 495
Serendipity 1000 27.00 20.00 686 508
SunsOut Puzzles 1000 27.00 20.00 686 508
Susan Prescot 1000 26.97 19.29 685 490
Trefl 1000 26.80 18.90 681 480
Wasgij 1000 26.77 19.29 680 490

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