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Puzzle Case for 500 Piece Jigsaws

This is the baby of the three Jigsorts in our collection but it embraces all the distinctive characteristics of the elder members of the family! Why not have a look at our puzzle cases overview page to see what makes Jigsorts so special.

Whereas the sizes of 1000 piece puzzles are fairly consistent across a broad range of manufacturers, this is not the case with 500 piece puzzles - it seems that almost every manufacturer has his/her idea about the perfect jigsaw size!


  • Complete Puzzle system
  • Everything packs away
  • Light removable board
  • Separate sort trays
  • Easy to transport

To help you decide whether the 500 size is right for your needs we have produced a table at the bottom of this page that shows the puzzles that fit the Jigsort 500 and the ones that don't. If you intend to make puzzles from manufacturers in the 'don't fit' list then you might be well advised to look at buying the Jigsort 1000.

The great advantage of the Jigsort 500 is its lightness and easy manoeuvrability - for anyone who loves jigsaws but is physically challenged it is a natural choice. During jigsaw construction the board is removed from the case and it is simplicity itself to move between rooms and tables without fear of losing pieces. Jigsaw puzzling in bed (particularly during a spell in hospital or nursing home) becomes a practical possibility and provides a great way to spend a few enjoyable hours whilst recuperating.

As you might expect, the Jigsort 500 is also the natural choice for children who show an interest in puzzling. With little hands involved we can't guarantee that jigsaw pieces won't find their way under the sofa and into the toy box but at least you will have a sporting chance of keeping MOST of the pieces together!

For the most comfortable puzzling experience you have ever had you might try combining one of our puzzle tables with this size of Jigsort. The small size of the Jigsort 500 means that all pieces are constantly within easy reach.

Puzzles that fit (and puzzles that don't!) are shown in the lists below:


Manufacturer Number Length Height Fits Jigsort 500? Notes

Pieces (Inches) (Inches)

AA Jigsaws 500 19.29 14.17 Yes
Castorland 500 18.03 12.99 Yes
Citadel Puzzles 500 20.08 13.78 Yes
Clementoni Jigsaws 500 19.09 13.19 Yes
Crown and Andrews Pty Ltd 500 19.02 12.99 Yes
Educa Jigsaws 500 18.03 12.99 Yes
Falcon/Jumbo Puzzles 500 20.00 14.02 Yes
Hasbro 500 20.00 14.00 Yes
Heye Puzzles 529 15.12 15.12 Yes
Masterpieces 500 19.00 13.00 Yes
Piatnik 500 18.90 14.17 Yes
Ravensburger Jigsaws 500 19.02 14.02 Yes
Schmidt 500 18.70 12.60 Yes
Serendipity 500 18.00 12.00 Yes
SunsOut Puzzles 500 19.00 13.00 Yes
Trefl 500 18.90 13.39 Yes
Wasgij 500 19.29 13.78 Yes

Buffalo Games Inc 500 21.25 15.00 No Fits in Jigsort 1000
Ceaco 500 27.00 20.00 No Fits in Jigsort 1000
Cobble Hill 500 24.00 18.00 No Fits in Jigsort 1000
Editions Ricordi Arte 500 19.69 15.75 No Fits in Jigsort 1000
FX Schmid 500 24.02 17.99 No Fits in Jigsort 1000
Geopuzzles 500 19.00 16.00 No Fits in Jigsort 1000
Great American Puzzle Factory 500 24.02 17.99 No Fits in Jigsort 1000
Photomosaic 500 24.25 15.00 No Fits in Jigsort 1000
Pomegranate 500 24.02 18.11 No Fits in Jigsort 1000
Springbok 500 23.50 18.00 No Fits in Jigsort 1000
White Mountain Puzzles 550 24.00 18.00 No Fits in Jigsort 1000


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