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Jigeasel – A Jigsaw Puzzle Easel for Comfort Seekers

Jigeasel were designed by an English craftsman with the sole intention of making it more comfortable to make-up jigsaw puzzles when sitting at a table.

We all have our favorite place in which to do our jigsaws. Sometimes that involves pulling one of the Jigthings specially made puzzle tables over the arms of a chair and sometimes it involves being at a table in a more upright sitting position. If your preference is for the latter then this jigsaw easel might be the product for you.


  • The ultimate luxury!
  • Sit back and relax
  • Adjustable for comfort
  • Like an artist's easel
  • Use for other purposes

The Jigeasel sits on any table that is a convenient height and then by a very quick and easy adjustment of the supports it is tilted at an angle towards you. A jigsaw board is then placed on the easel and you are ready to go.

At first you might think this would not make a great deal of difference to the comfort of doing a jigsaw but you would be wrong,,, The first thing you notice is that all the pieces on the board are much easier to SEE because they are all angled towards you. The second thing you notice is that all the pieces are easier to REACH because they are all closer to you.

Can you imagine one of our great artists sitting at a table and painting on a flat surface? The reason that artists elect to use an easel is because it is easier and more comfortable and exactly the same principals hold good for jigsaw puzzling.

An easel cannot be used without a puzzle board and if you do not already own one then you might like to consider our Jigboards – read all about them on our Puzzle Boards page. For use with the puzzle easel, our 500 piece boards and 1000 piece boards are the most usual choices. The 1,500 piece board necessitates a considerable stretch to the extreme top of the board and the 2,000 piece item is just too large for this type of use.

Jigeasels are hand made in the USA and each one is lovingly constructed by a single craftsman using kiln dried pine and MDF. This ensures that the product is both strong and durable and capable of a lifetime's service.

When not in use the Jigeasel folds down to a size of just over 17 inches x 16 inches and it is only 1 inch deep so it can easily be stored.

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